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Creative Placement Of Banner Stands In Connecticut

March 18, 2016

Attract More Traffic With Creative Placement Of Banner Stands In Connecticut

With a little ingenuity and creativity in placing banner stands, Connecticut exhibitors can bring more traffic to their trade show booths. Banner stands are so versatile: Put them indoors or out, in a group or by themselves. You've got a lot of flexibility when it comes to using banner stands to bring interested trade show attendees to your booth. Skyline Displays carries several varieties of retractable banner stands, which range from simple economical rectangles to an attention-grabbing two-layered stand with a sculpted front layer, and another system that incorporates convenient features like literature racks. One person can set all of Skyline's banner stand displays up in just a few minutes. They're easy to pack and transport, too. Banner stands can be used as a convenient alternative to a solid backwall, and they are the perfect solution when you want to spread your message beyond your booth.
Smart Ways To Use Banner Stands
  • Camp Out By The Coffee – Wherever coffee is being served, you'll find a steady stream of people all day long, and they'll stop there to wait in line. Other food and drink areas can be good targets, too, but a lot of people bring their own food and water. Coffee drinkers are many, and most of them will return for more than one cup, so you'll get good exposure for your message if you place banner stands on the way to the coffee.
  • Put Them On The Patio – Almost every trade show venue will have some kind of outdoors seating area or patio for people to relax outside for a few minutes, check their messages and catch up on email, or have a quiet lunch break. Most often, there will also be a smoking area on a separate patio, as well. These are smart places to place your message on a banner stands because people are going to slow down, relax from the chaos indoors, and spend a little time there. Let them get familiar with our branding and message while they relax, and they're more likely to approach your booth when they see it on the floor later.
  • Everyone's Got To Go Sooner Or Later – at some point during the trade show, every last person there will seek out the restroom. Place banners stands in the hallways across from the restrooms, or in a hallway that leads to them, and your message gets massive exposure.
  • Announcements – If your booth is hosting special events like an appearance from a celebrity spokesperson, a giveaway or special product demo, or you're unveiling something new, announce your news on banner stands outside your booth. Let people know what's happening when, and exactly how to find you.
Get The Word Out With Skyline Banner Stands
For trade show banner stands, Connecticut exhibitors depend on Skyline Displays for their premium quality products and expert help on everything from marketing strategy to custom graphics. Skyline Connecticut is part of a network of more than 150 Skyline offices worldwide, so no matter where in the world you need them, you'll have your island display, tower displays, or banner stands. Connecticut exhibitors contact us online or call us at 860-635-2400 to learn how Skyline Displays can help your business improve its trade show marketing.

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