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Dominating Events With Connecticut Trade Show Displays

August 24, 2015

Win Big: Game Day Tactics For Your Connecticut Trade Show Displays

Working Connecticut trade show displays can deliver a wealth of opportunities to your business. However, the entire process can intimidate even the most confident entrepreneur. With so many vendors competing for crowd attention, you may quickly find yourself relegated to benchwarmer, while your competition makes the starting lineup with the surrounding crowd.
Sound familiar? If you’re tired of sitting on the sidelines at every marketing function, it’s officially time to go big and win big with your game day tactics at Connecticut trade show displays. When strategizing your exhibits and booths, consider:

Making Your Exhibit Count

The first rule in claiming victory at a live marketing event: never underestimate the power of using an innovative and compelling exhibit at each function. Don't settle for boring and bland; partner with a design trendsetter to create Connecticut trade show displays that engage all the senses and resonates with everyone attending the show.

Choose Your Field Position

Many business owners don't realize that exhibit location can play a major role in the success you will achieve working the convention circuit. Whenever possible, ask for a venue floor plan so you can pinpoint the best location for your Connecticut trade show displays.  Select a spot on the main floor for the most visibility. You should also consider foot traffic; will your booth be near food courts, entranceways, etc.? Choosing the best position on the "field", a.k.a. the venue floor, can make all the difference in the attention you receive.

Have A Game Plan

Every fierce competitor has a game plan; however, a true contender also knows how to rework a strategy that isn't working to get the best results possible. Go into every function with a detailed outline of what you are hoping to achieve and how you will achieve it. Your team should be well prepared to manage the inquiries and requirements of visiting guests. But, keep in mind that people won't always respond the way you think they will; it's important to know when to change plays on the fly, if you find that you are falling flat. Versatility will help you find a groove with the crowd and prove your relevance with visiting guests.

Be A Game Changer

Do you want to really make an impact on the wandering crowd? Don’t just passively participate in the event; find a way to be a game changer. Work with your team to brainstorm ways to stop traffic right in their tracks. Fun and engaging giveaways, raffles, and promotions can help build buzz and encourage the masses to stop into your exhibit for a closer look at what your business offers. Do you want to really steal the spotlight from the competition? Give a keynote speech or seminar that helps your demographic solve a current issue or problem; it's the perfect way to establish yourself and your business as an industry expert.
Are you ready to dominate the showroom floor with innovative Connecticut trade show displays? Skyline Connecticut can deliver; visit our site today or contact the Skyline team of design experts to put together your live marketing game plan!

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