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Exalt Trade Show Display In Stamford | Maximum Flexibility

April 04, 2016

The Exalt Trade Show Display In Stamford Gives Total Flexibility

With Skyline's Exalt trade show display, Stamford companies get the flexibility and portability of a banner stand system, the visual impact of a curved backwall, and the added bonus of a brilliant tabletop display. Whether you're using Exalt as a backwall or as stand-alone banner stands, this versatile system gives you all the versatility you need to present your brand and your message in style at every event.
  • Easy To Transport – Each Exalt unit packs into its own tubular protective case. It takes three Exalt stands to form a 10-foot backwall, and all three stands can be packed together in an optional case which doubles as a table for your booth once it's unpacked. The individual tubes can fit into any passenger car, and the table case will fit into most cars. A backwall comprised of banner stands weigh significantly less than a single-panel backwall.
  • Simple Assembly – These retractable banner stands are ridiculously easy to set up in any configuration. One person can set up an entire 10-foot backwall with spotlights in minutes. You won't need any tools at all. If you want your backwall curved, flip two levers and you're done. The height-adjustable banner pole allows you to use the top portion of your custom banner as a tabletop display. Click. Done.
  • Easy-Change Banners – Using a banner stand system makes it easy and economical to spotlight different products or lines depending on a given show's market, spotlight your latest roll-out, or change banner graphics seasonally. Changing the banners in the retractable cartridges is simple and can be done in a minute with no tools. You can change graphics as often as your marketing plan demands, without breaking your back or your bank.
  • Reconfigure Your Booth As Needed – A standard trade show booth should be 10 feet wide. Sometimes, mistakes happen and you get a booth that's 9.5 feet wide, and the neighbors are already set up when you arrive. Some shows use 12-foot booths instead. With a backwall made up of banner stands, you can adjust to whatever circumstances present themselves. Space the stands out to fill 12 feet or curve the sides in to fit into 9.5 feet.
  • Spread The Word – Exalt banner stands work as stand-alone pieces, too. Put your message in the lobby, next to the coffee bar, on the patio, or anywhere else people are likely to slow down and look around for a few moments.
Exalt Leaves Your Options Open
If your company's trade show marketing plan is built around being flexible, mobile, and easy to manage with minimal labor, banner stands make perfect sense. Using Skyline Connecticut's Exalt trade show display, Stamford exhibitors have the option to go create a display as simple or elaborate as the situation calls for. You're not confined to a single configuration or set of graphics. In fact, Skyline Connecticut can store your displays when you're not using them, manage your graphic updates for you and ship them straight to your next show.  To learn more about Exalt trade show display and how Skyline Products and services can help boost your company's traffic and conversion rate at trade shows, contact us online or by phone at 860-635-2400.

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