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Exhibit Rentals For Trade Shows Are A Smart Move

November 07, 2017

Exhibit Rentals For Trade Shows Are A Smart Move

If hearing the words "rental exhibit" brings to mind images of cookie-cutter display booths that inspire more bored sighs than enthusiastic exclamations, consider these words: Custom rental. By working with a full-service trade show house, your company can design a completely original exhibit using rental display pieces and custom graphics that will throw the spotlight onto your brand and products. Custom exhibit rentals offer several advantages over purchasing, and give you all the flexibility you need to achieve your targeted marketing goals for each and every show where you exhibit.

  • Creative License - When you work with a premium trade show house, you'll have a huge range of choices in exhibit pieces, lighting, and multimedia equipment, so you can create a trade show display that best represents your brand image and showcases your products. Once you've created the ideal configuration to accomplish everything you need, you'll work with a graphic designer and possibly a professional photographer to design completely original graphics, so everything in your final exhibit will have a unified and polished look that helps broadcast your message and image to everyone who passes by.
  • Full Flexibility - Many exhibitors vary the size and configuration of their booths from show to show, or by season, or to coincide with new product rollouts. Maybe you want a storefront at consumer shows, but more of a showroom look for trade-only shows. Newly revamped exhibits tend to grab more attention, especially in more specialized niches where you may encounter the same prospects at more than one show. Whatever your reasons for changing your exhibit, rental with customization allows you to economically change your set-up as often as you need, without commitments to any specific pieces.
  • Simplicity - In addition to completely ditching costs like asset management and storage, rental exhibits can help reduce freight costs by delivering the heaviest elements from a field office local to your show venue, and only shipping your custom graphics. Renting also means that you'll have an ally in dealing with the sometimes mind boggling rules and regulations pertaining to installation and dismantle (I&D). When you rent, your trade show house will take care of a good deal of the logistical hassles for you, and work with you on the parts you need to handle. If you exhibit internationally, choose a trade show house with international offices so you know you'll get the expert advice, guidance, and service you count on, even when you're exhibiting abroad.
Evaluate & Refine - Custom Rental exhibits also make it easier and more economical for companies to test, evaluate, and adjust a display so that it more effectively accomplishes their marketing goals. Compare lightscapes, traffic patterns, graphics, and multimedia presentations to find the elements that work best for your products, markets, and booth teams. Keep ordering the things that work, and change out the things that fall short, until you've developed an exhibit that makes a big impression, increases your brand awareness, and helps your team's sales efforts grow.

Skyline Exhibits & Graphics offers an extensive variety of portable banner stand systems to fit your company's individual needs. Skyline has the portability, design and technology that will send your business to the very top of the trade show arena.

Exhibit Rentals For Trade Shows
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