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Exhibit Rentals For Trade Shows: Smart Reasons To Do It

October 18, 2016

Exhibit Rentals For Trade Shows: Smart Reasons To Do It

If the phrase "rental exhibit" makes you wrinkle your nose and picture some boring, generic-looking trade show booth, you'll want to keep reading! Whether you're new to trade show exhibition or you're looking at options to refine your current trade show marketing plan, there are some good reasons to consider Skyline's customized exhibit rentals.
  • Creative Control - Because we rent every piece of equipment in our catalog, you're free to design an exhibit that's as unique as your brand and products. Our consultants will work with you to select the pieces you need to give your marketing team all the functionality they need. Once you've chosen the configuration that best showcases your products, our graphic designers and professional photographers can help you create stunning custom graphics for each display piece, from backwall to banners, tables to workstations.
  • Adapt On The Fly - Some marketing plans include using varied booth sizes and configurations at different shows. Some exhibitors change their exhibits seasonally, or to best display new products as they're introduced. If your company could benefit from having the flexibility to change your exhibit more often, rental exhibit for trade shows is an ideal solution. You'll have access to a wide selection of styles and functions, and no long-term commitments, so you can change as often as you need or want to make a big impression in every circumstance.
  • Logistics Made Simple - Using exhibit rentals for trade show displays eliminates costs like storage and asset management entirely. It also simplifies logistics greatly, because Installation & Dismantle (I&D) is part of the rental service. After you and our designers have created your perfect exhibit, you let us know when and where you need to use it, and we'll make it happen. With a network of more than 130 offices worldwide, Skyline has you covered, no matter where you need to go to impress your prospects.
  • Effectiveness Testing - Another advantage that rental exhibits can offer is the ability to economically test, evaluate, and fine-tune your display. Compare the effectiveness of different configurations, graphics campaigns, lightscapes, or multimedia displays. Re-order what works for future shows, and skip what doesn't help your team meet your marketing goals. Whether you're looking at subtle nuances or major changes, our consultants will work with you to find the combination of elements that does the best job of making a memorable impression and boosting your brand, and making your sales team's effort as effective as they can possibly be.

Innovative Design, Flexible Options, Fully Customized

Exhibitors in Connecticut count on Skyline Exhibits to help them build and grow brand integrity and marketing power with customized exhibit rental for trade shows. Build the right display for every show and every market, and watch your sales grow.

Exhibit Rentals For Trade Shows
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