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Focus On Graphic Design For Winning Trade Show Stand Banners

February 20, 2017

Focus On Graphic Design For Winning Trade Show Stand Banners

At any given trade show, sporting event, concert, or business fair, you're likely to see dozen, if not hundreds of trade show stands with vertical banners. It's a lot of competition for the attention of visitors and prospects. Obviously, those visitors aren't going to take in every message and image, so how do you make sure yours stands out and gets their attention? If your banners feature professional graphic designs that target your most likely buyers they're most likely to leave a memorable impression of your brand and messages, and ultimately increase your marketing and sales success.
  • Show, Don't Tell - If you're like most companies, you've probably invested in professionally written marketing copy for your brochures, website, and social media. It can be tempting to try to stretch that investment's value by using some of that copy on your trade show banners, but this is almost always a false economy. Banners are most effective as a visual medium, and less effective at displaying text; visitors aren't likely to stop and read a chunk of text, no matter how well written, on your banners. When including text on banners, think short phrases or even individual words for biggest impact.
  • Powerful Visuals - Vertical banners offer a perfect space to display a large single graphic or photo that tells a story by itself. The size of the medium demands professional design, though, because when you scale graphics or photos up to this size, any imperfection with shine forth in glaring detail. If you're working with a graphic image, be sure the design is in a scalable format for perfect printing. If your design is based on a photo, make sure it's a high-resolution image, professionally edited and scaled, and optimized for printing, or it may not achieve the effect you intended when it's printed in large scale. You can also use shapes and layers in the banners themselves to create more visual interest. Create a clear, bold design that tells an interesting story and your banners will distinguish themselves among the visual noise to reach your prospects.
  • Placement Matters - Place the most critical elements of your message at the viewers' eye level, and that's what they'll take in first and remember most. Create a clean design that leaves this critical space uncrowded, in order to deliver a clear message. When the message is clear, visitors will absorb it without even thinking about it, like a snapshot in their mind. If the visuals are too busy or crowded and the message isn't clear, their minds are more likely to brush it aside as more noise, and they'll keep walking. Successful banner stand designs act as a feeder to your sales funnel by creating awareness and the beginning of interest. Take advantage of that opportunity.

Vertical Banners On Trade Show Stands Offer Big Opportunities

Skyline Connecticut helps exhibitors in Hartford create banners that improve marketing and help close more sales. We offer everything you'll need, from graphic design to photography services, and top-quality banners on durable, portable trade show stands. Whether you need 6 banner stands or 600, Skyline Connecticut is here to help you take full advantage of this versatile marketing tool.

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