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Get Your (Pre) Game Face On: Strategizing With Exhibits And Banner Stands In Connecticut

March 18, 2015

As a leading provider of trade show exhibits and banner stands in Connecticut and throughout Western Massachusetts, we've seen the major impact customized booths and displays can play in a company's live marketing success firsthand. However, we also know that working with our team of design professionals is only the first step towards yielding optimal results at every attended function. When partnering with entrepreneurs in every industry, we emphasize that optimal success at any given event actually occurs well before the event itself. We help our partners see that pregame strategizing is the best way to secure game day success.
Five Preshow Ways To Yield Results With Your Exhibits And Banner Stands In Connecticut
Are you surprised to learn that pregame strategizing plays a crucial role in the results you'll yield? You're not alone, many of our partners assume that setting up their customized trade show exhibits and banner stands at Connecticut events are all they need to do to dominate the showroom floor. However, carefully strategizing five simple preshow details can make a major difference in how effectively your brand will resonate with a wandering crowd. When creating your pregame strategy, consider:
1. Data (beyond leads): Yes, gathering leads with your customized trade show exhibits and banner stands is a major objective for all businesses participating in these events. However, garnering new contacts isn't the only thing to consider when it comes to data offered at live events. You and your staff will have access to a wealth of information during the event such as popular trends, consumer interests and even what the competition is up to. Strategize with your team about what's important to capture as well as how you will log this invaluable information before you arrive at the show.
2. Prep your team: Do you think your staff can manage any and every sales situation? You just may be surprised, don't take a chance and assume that your employees manning the trade show exhibits and banner stands in Connecticut will always have what it takes to effectively manage a live encounter event. Prepare yourself by role-playing various situations and offer training as needed before the event to ensure that they are game day ready.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
3. The right trade shows: There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all schedule for exhibiting. Work with your team to carefully pinpoint the best events that offer the best ROI potential. Location and duration of the show, participation fees and even which competitors are attending are all ways to strategize the right shows for your team.
4. Getting the word out: Relying on the host venue to market the function is not enough to command the attention that your business deserves. At Skyline, we not only recommend marketing your upcoming exhibits to your current customer base, we also offer a host of services to help you promote your function as well.
5. Connect with current clients: Many entrepreneurs miss a major marketing opportunity when setting up trade show exhibits and banner stands in Connecticut. They focus solely on new prospects during the function and completely overlook connecting with current customers. Setting up meetings with your existing client base is a great way to enhance an already established professional relationship.
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