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Get Your Stamford Trade Show Stand Noticed

November 16, 2015

Seven Tips To Help Your Stamford Trade Show Stand Shine

Exhibiting with a Stamford trade show stand can yield an impressive range of results, if can you manage to stand out from the exhibiting crowd. With larger venues, getting noticed at live marketing functions can prove challenging for even the most tenacious exhibitor. Without a Stamford trade show stand that commands attention, you and your team may quickly find yourselves relegated to a supporting player, and not the star of the show.
If you're tired of not getting noticed during the exhibition season, the team at Skyline Connecticut can help. We work with entrepreneurs in every industry to help create a Stamford trade show stand that stands out in even the biggest area venues. Our eye-catching, innovative exhibits will inform and compel audiences to take a closer look at what your organization has to offer, and it will ultimately bring optimal event results.

How Can You Increase ROI With Your Stamford Trade Show Stand

Of course, as an exhibitor, you won't want to rely on your state-of-the-art trade show booth alone to maximize return on investment; you will want to create an exhibition strategy that further reinforces both the results you will achieve, as well as the attention you will command. Following seven simple tips can help you do both. When exhibiting with your Stamford trade show stand, consider:
Unveiling Something New
If you want to entice the crowd with an exclusive, sneak peak, unveil something new during the function. A new product, service, or even just a new feature on an existing line can get the venue buzzing about your organization and clamoring to get a closer look.
Offer A Show-Only Sale
Who can resist a good sale? Not many, that's why a show-only promotion makes an ideal strategy for drawing in the crowd throughout your event.
Update Your Marketing Handouts
At Skyline Connecticut, we will partner with you to make sure your Stamford trade show stand remains visually compelling, without being overwhelming. We help you keep things streamlined and simple with your most important messages. However, creating updated marketing materials will ensure that the audience will get all the details about your organization.
Demo Your Products
Use your Stamford trade show stand as a backdrop for live product demonstrations. Live demonstrations build marketing momentum and allow your team to engage with your audience in a meaningful way.
Organize Personal Items
Seeing cluttered personal items strewn throughout your exhibit will instantly repel the crowd into the welcoming arms of your competition. Keep your booth organized with shelving units and stow personal items out of sight to make your floor space as inviting as possible.
Create Your Exhibit Dream Team
Some entrepreneurs assume they must stuff their booth with all sales staff. Not true. Select staff members from various departments to give guests a peak at your overall corporate vibe.
Pick Relevant Products
Finally, choose the products you will bring with you wisely. Most importantly, choose items that offer different features and amenities so you can showcase how your brand can solve a wide range of consumer problems.
Skyline Connecticut can help your Stamford trade show stand get noticed. Contact our team today for more information.

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