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How Customized Trade Show Stands Boost Your Event ROI

July 19, 2016

How Customized Trade Show Stands Boost Your Event ROI

The underestimated and often-overlooked banner stand may be the MVP of your trade show exhibit. Modest in stature, it can turn heads with a creative designer at the helm.
Whether you're exhibiting with a 10' x 10' booth or a much larger structure, banner stands should be a part of your trade show marketing strategy. They have more value than their size suggests. In fact, they can mean the difference between enjoying a positive return on your show investment and burning through your budget with nothing to show for it.
Read on if you're wondering how lightweight, portable trade show stands can increase your exhibiting ROI. Don't be surprised to find they're more versatile and useful than you had imagined.

They Attract Interested Prospects

You can't convert attendees into leads unless they visit your booth. This is where your customized banner stands can shine.
Position them just outside the entrance of your booth so passersby can see them. Make sure they convey compelling reasons to visit. Your banners should carry attractive graphics, clear messaging, and explain – in as few words as possible – why attendees should investigate further.
Keep in mind, when attendees walk near your booth, they won't be looking at your hanging displays. They'll be too close to do so. But they will notice your custom banner stands.

They Communicate Your Brand And Messaging

Your brand identity and marketing message are the two most important elements featured on your displays and stands. Both are essential to your success.
Your brand differentiates your company from the morass of other exhibitors on the venue floor. It sets you apart and makes it easier for attendees to identify you. If attendees engage with your brand from afar, they'll be more likely to visit your booth.
Your messaging is what captures the attendee's attention. It speaks to his or her business priorities. It highlights his or her concerns, and offers an attractive solution.
Custom banner stands can be designed to maximize the impact of your brand and messaging. They'll help you to reel in quality prospects that are in the market for the solutions you're selling.

They Reinforce Your Main Selling Points

An attendee who steps into your booth may forget his or her reasons for doing so. That is, he or she may forget the main selling points featured on your displays.
Your banner stands can restate these points, reinforcing the rationale that motivated the attendee to visit in the first place. This subtle reinforcement will prove valuable if he or she must wait to talk with one of your staffers. It can motivate the individual to stick around in order to learn how your company can help him or her.

They Can Leverage High-Traffic Spaces

There are two types of high-traffic areas to leverage at an event: those in your booth and those outside it. Let's address them in that order.
Ideally, the configuration of your exhibit will eliminate – or at least minimize – traffic logjams during busy periods. However, if you receive a huge influx of visitors, there may be little you can do to keep the traffic moving. In such instances, your banner stands serve a valuable function. They'll display your brand and messaging to visitors standing near them – in effect, a captive audience.
What about high-traffic spaces outside your booth? Such spaces include those near the restrooms, the venue's entrances, and the food court. Attractively designed banner stands can be placed in different locations across the convention floor to catch the eyes of interested prospects. (Make sure your banners provide directions to your booth.)

They Can Be Arranged For Greater Visual Impact

It was noted earlier that customized banner stands are versatile. This is largely due to their small stature. They can be arranged in a variety of ways to deliver different experiences.
For example, you can set up three banners side by side to create a veritable backwall display. The left one can feature your company name, logo, and tagline. The middle one can display a visually appealing, high-quality image. The right one can feature your messaging and selling points.
These types of arrangements can increase your displays' visual impact. They can help you to make a great first impression on your target audience.
Don't underestimate the usefulness of customized banner stands. Dollar for dollar, they're among the most cost-effective trade show assets at your disposal. The key is to design them in a way that highlights your brand, clearly conveys your message, and attracts attendees who are interested in your products.

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