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How Do I Determine the Right Connecticut Trade Show Display for Me?

March 06, 2020

How Do I Determine the Right Connecticut Trade Show Display for Me?

Trade show events offer one of the best opportunities for you to get the word out about your brand. So, naturally you want your trade show display to wow audience and make a strong impression. The problem you and your organization are having is how to accomplish this task. Are you in need of a large exhibit? Do you have budget constrains? Do you want to hand out information to those that visit your display?

The questions can be endless, however knowing what you want your display to accomplish is a great start and the knowledgeable team at Skyline can assist you when it comes to finding an exhibit that will highlight the best and most important parts of your brand. With Skyline’s trade show displays, you can take solace in the fact that Skyline displays are designed and created to change what is considered conventional. For that unique and one of a kind look, Skyline trade show displays are an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

Get to Know Skyline’s Connecticut Trade Show Displays

Skyline Exhibits & Graphics has a large selection of trade show displays to choose from. Each trade show display offers a wide range of versatility and/or convenience that can make your trade show experience an easy and successful one.

Once you figure out your budget and objectives, choosing the right display for your brand becomes easier. If you need an exhibit that you can easily set up and take down, then portable displays and banner stands may be the perfect choice for you. If you like to change things up from one show to the next or want to take advantage of Skyline’s durable trade show displays, the modular inline exhibits are a solid choice. And for those that want to make a big impression, the custom island exhibits from Skyline are the displays for you.

Portable Displays

Portable trade show displays offer the ultimate in convenience. They are easy to set up and take down, and they help save you on shipping costs because they can be transported by you. Just because this display is lightweight doesn’t mean Skyline sacrificed quality and durability. Portable displays provide flexibility as well. These displays are designed to change and adapt to your growing needs year after year. Skyline products are constructed to withstand years of use. Skyline Exhibits & Graphics can help you choose the best system based on your trade show objectives.

Modular Inline Displays

For a more custom look, Skyline’s modular inline displays are for you. The modular design and premise allows for the creation of lightweight modules which can help make shipping, drayage, and storage costs drastically lower than traditional custom displays. The exhibits are structural to support needed components like flat screens, computers, and product shelving. Like the portable displays, the modular inline system is designed for quick installation. For branded events, Skyline can help you to design, manage, produce, set up, and ship your exhibits.

Custom Island Exhibits

Reducing your costs is inarguably one of your biggest concerns when it comes to almost any business decision and Skyline has you covered. The custom island exhibits weigh 60% less than traditional custom exhibits, helping you save money show after show. The custom island exhibits offer many benefits including full custom capabilities, and in-house wood and metal shops.

Skyline Exhibits & Graphics Connecticut Trade Show Display

If you have any questions about Skyline’s trade show displays or if you are in need of assistance choosing the right display to represent your brand, call Skyline Exhibits & Graphics today at 860-635-2400. You can also reach Skyline via email at info@skyline-ct.com.

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