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How To Use Table Top Displays To Make A Big Impression

March 22, 2017

How To Use Table Top Displays To Make A Big Impression

When you need the grab-and-go portability of a table top display system, you don't need to sacrifice big visual impact and brand impression. What you do need is a smart set-up plan and great graphic design to reach visitors, tell your brand story, and make a memorable impression. Begin with a great photo or graphic and clean, uncluttered design, and you're well on your way to an successful exhibit that can easy be transported and set up by a single person in just a few minutes.

  • Large Graphics - Using a table top display like Skyline's Regatta system, you'll get a large, uninterrupted display surface for your graphics on both the front and back. The gracefully curved frame is shock-corded for tool-free, hassle-free set-up. Slip the fabric cover over the frame like a pillowcase and zip it shut. You've got a striking display that stands firmly in place, even if someone bumps into your table, and the display faces are seamless, so your graphics are smooth, crisp, and clear, with no weird lines ruining your perfect design.  The curved shape also leaves some table space open in front of the graphic display for your brochures, cards, and other small items.
  • Add Accessories - For a custom-branded table, consider adding a graphic table throw that complements your display, and a contrasting tablecloth to set it all off. If you're exhibiting at a table where there's an electrical outlet, you can add LED lights for even better visibility and attention. If you've got a little extra space beside your table, you can flank it with a pair of easily portable banner stands with custom graphics on vertical banners. Banners give you additional space for large, bold graphics, and to further develop the story you're able to convey to visitors at a glance.
  • Not Just For Trade Shows - Table Top displays make it easy to travel to more distant trade shows where a larger display might be cost-prohibitive, but they're also versatile little workhorses much closer to home. Use them in your showroom or storefront to call attention to new products, or to tell a marketing story about featured products. Place them in your conference room with specialized messages for critical meetings, or on a table in the lobby to convey a marketing message to visitors to your place of business.

Your Choice Of Premium Table Top Displays

Skyline Connecticut offers a variety of table top displays in Connecticut. There are five table top display lines to choose from, and all the expert design advice you'll need to create a table top display that makes a big impression in a small space. Whether you're designing for a trade show or public event display, or for in-house use, we've got all the resources and quality materials you'll need to achieve your marketing goals.

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