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How To Work Table Top Displays Like A Boss

June 15, 2017

How To Work Table Top Displays Like A Boss

Many factors come into play when determining success of table top displays. The design of the table top displays themselves can have a significant impact on the visual effect your brand will have on the roaming crowd. Additionally, details such as the location of your displays on the venue floor and overall attendance level can also contribute to the return on investment your business enjoys at any given live event.

Your Staff Members Have A Major Impact On Your Table Top Displays And Booths

While all of these details certainly warrant consideration when piecing together your live marketing plan, one critical component can literally make or break your success: your staff. No matter how compelling your booths and exhibits, a lackluster sales team can drive away the crowd and diminish any marketing momentum you may have gathered. When planning for a live function, take the time to properly train and prepare your team to leverage every opportunity and garner the best possible results during the function.

Consider These Tips If You Want To Manage Your Table Top Displays Like A Boss:

Timing Is Everything

Don't initiate training too late, cramming in details and practicing pitches right before an event can leave ample room for mistakes. However, many business owners do not realize that starting training too soon before an event can have a major impact on results during the show, as well. If you start prepping the team too far ahead of the function, you may find that they lose interest and momentum when game day arrives. Work to schedule time for the team that gives them just enough bandwidth to absorb the important pointers, tips, and strategies for optimal ROI.

Don't Overcrowd Your Exhibit

Beyond timing, the number of people manning your table top displays can play a key role in overall effectiveness. Using smaller, portable exhibits means using a smaller number of staff members during the show. Create a schedule that has 2-3 staffers working the booth at all times.

Go Beyond Sales

Yes, you will need members from your sales team in the booth; however you should also include members from various service departments as well. Having a solid mix will give your visitors insight on the depth and customer service capabilities of your business.

Create A Game Plan – And Designate Leads

How can your team achieve the goals you envision at each event, if they don’t know what they are? Create a list that outlines all of your objectives…and then designate a point person on every goal. Empowering your staff to manage various details allows them the chance to shine during the event, as well as enables you to focus on more critical factors.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you've put together your comprehensive live marketing strategy, it is time to practice how you engage and connect with the crowd. Role-play various scenarios so your staff understands how to manage prospective leads, networking opportunities, and even convert visits into sales for the ultimate ROI engagement.

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