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How You Can Improve Your Tradeshow Strategy

October 26, 2017

How You Can Improve Your Tradeshow Strategy

Expert Advice and Free Budget Consultation from Skyline Exhibits & Graphics, Inc.

You are responsible for organizing and implementing your organization’s tradeshow exhibit. If it is your first time taking on this important responsibility, you may feel overwhelmed. If you are a tradeshow veteran, you may have your system down, but there are always areas you can improve upon. After all, this is one of the best opportunities to promote your brand and to be adequately prepared for future events.

Like any event of this nature, preparation is a must. After asking our clients how they prepare for their tradeshow events, we discovered that 50% of them “wing it.” This can make the process of getting to your tradeshow location more difficult and result in unnecessary shipping costs. It can also cost you valuable time during setup, time you could use to promote your brand to event goers. Other issues that can result from rushing or from lack of preparation is an unprepared staff and the inability to effectively promote your brand.

So, what can you do to streamline your tradeshow strategy? What can you do to cut down on costs and what are your goals for this tradeshow? What can you do to see a return on your investment? These are questions that are most likely going to arise from management, and here at Skyline Exhibits & Graphics, Inc., we want you to be able to answer these questions and improve your methods in order to have a successful tradeshow experience.

Skyline Exhibits & Graphics: Advice and Free Budget Consultation

Here at Skyline, we want you to prepare for every event with the knowledge needed to make your exhibit a success. That is why we are offering our expert advice and a free budget consultation. During the consultation, we will take a look at your 2017 Event Schedule and give your organization a performance review. We will break down the ROI for each event, quarter, and year to help you reshape your strategy for your 2018 Event Schedule. We’ll cover reorganizing your spending pie chart, so you can allocate your budget funds in the most efficient way possible.

During your consultation, we want to educate you on how you can accomplish more of your goals with less. Not every organization has a large budget for events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impression and still achieve your goals. When you have events that require a lot of coordination from multiple parties, mistakes can happen, but we can help in that regard as well by assisting you with a mistake prevention strategy.

We will also cover aspects of reducing your costs per event by going through rentals, analyzing your needs to see if downsizing your space is possible, increasing your staff to improve your reach, and even analyze the effects of upsizing your space.

Your Marketing Message

You can have everything organized. Your preparation can be on point.  But if your marketing message is not clear then all of your efforts will ultimately go to waste if you are not reaching your audience in an effective and engaging manner. Having a well-trained staff can contribute to better marketing performance. Including promotional projects and demonstrations as part of your exhibit during the event can also have an impact on how your marketing message is received. These strategies can help engage your audience and leave them with an exciting lasting impression of your brand and products.

Contact Skyline for More Information

Get your tradeshow strategy primed and ready for maximum results and a big impact with Skyline’s expert advice and free budget consultation. For more information on how to take advantage of this enlightening and informative opportunity, contact us at (860) 635-2400 x100. You can also reach us at info@skyline-ct.com and we will be in touch shortly.

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