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How Your Business Can Benefit From Banners Stands

January 20, 2017

How Your Business Can Benefit From Banners Stands, Even If You Will Never Attend A Trade Show

Many people call banner stands "trade show stands," because their use is so strongly associated with trade show exhibition. Realistically, though, banner stands are powerful marketing tools for many different types of businesses, in a wide variety of settings. They're an affordable way to reach customers or clients with important information, upsell to customers, and increase awareness of your products or services. Retailers are already making good use of banner stands by placing them near impulse items or new products, or to announce specials and sales. Here are just a few of the businesses that could realize significant benefits from using well-designed banner stands:
  • Medical Offices - The uses for banner stands in a medical office depend largely on the type of patients who visit the office. In a pediatric practice, you might design banners with friendly, calming images that would occupy patients' imagination while they wait. An aesthetic practice might show images of excellent outcomes to show new patients what your treatments can do. Banner stands are also effective ways to post seasonal information, like reminders to get flu vaccines. Custom-designed banners can be friendlier and more encouraging to patients as they wait than stock images, or those frightening posters the pharmaceutical reps give out.
  • Food & Beverage - Nothing sells more food and drink than delicious, tempting photos of food and drink. Place tantalizing professional photos of your offerings on banner stands in the foyer, so people will see it when they are most hungry and most looking forward to a drink. It's a smart tactic for increasing sales of new menu items, and to sell additional drinks, since they probably already had one in mind when they walked in, and now they'll want the one you just showed them, too.
  • Party & Wedding Planners - If your business is planning large social events like weddings and parties, you'll find countless uses for a set of high-quality banner stands. The banners are easy to change out and affordable, so you can have each client purchase their own banners to use with your stands. Use them to create a backdrop for photographs, like a photo booth, at any type of event. At wedding receptions, you can create a banner for each person's vows, along with graphics or photographs, or to display engagement photos or any other high-resolution, professional photographs. Another popular way to use banner stands is to create a stand-in for someone who couldn't attend, perhaps because they're away at school or on deployment. Guests can take photos with the banner, and then share the photos with the absent person, so they'll know everyone missed them and was thinking of them.

Banner Stands Aren't Just For Trade Shows

Skyline Connecticut carries several lines of banner stands for many different applications, and their graphic design team can help you create the right banners for your business and goals. We also offer professional photography services, if you need help getting the perfect images to use on your custom banner stands.

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