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Make A Big Impression Using Table Top Displays

March 26, 2018

Make A Big Impression Using Table Top Displays

There are times when every exhibitor needs the extreme portability and simple set-up of a table top display. With a careful plan for your set-up and some top-shelf graphic design and display materials, you can still make the big visual impact you need and leave visitors with a strong brand impression, even without the bulky exhibit. If you design your table top display well, and choose the right materials, you'll be able to create an exhibit that helps you achieve your marketing goals, and allows you to set up and strike that display in minutes, even when you're traveling solo.

  • Big, Bold Graphics - There are two critical elements to getting a table top display that makes a bold statement and leaves a big impression: quality materials and printing, and an outstanding design using professional graphics or photography. Look for a table top display that offers easy, tool-free design, and seamless, high-quality display surfaces. Many systems allow for printing on both front and back of the display, so if you're likely to be exhibiting in a space that visitors can approach from either side, make sure you're getting the benefit of that second usable display surface. Ask to see examples of the system you're considering and make sure that the colors printed on the display are bold, images are clear, and any text is crisp. Low-quality materials or printing can yield muddy colors and blurry edges which make text hard to read, images hard to recognize at a distance, and detracts from your branding by skewing your signature colors.
  • Accessorize For Success - The accessories you'll want will depend on where you plan to exhibit. A custom-branded table throw is almost always a worthwhile addition, especially if used with a contrasting tablecloth. If your table location puts you near an electrical outlet, you may consider adding lighting to your exhibit for better visibility and attention. If this is an option you're likely to want, make sure you choose a display system that can support accessory lights; some frames cannot support the extra weight and certain lower quality face materials may be damaged by the heat an accessory light can put out.
  • Beyond The Convention Center - Many exhibitor start considering a table top display for applications like traveling to more distant trade shows where a larger display would be too costly to transport, or for smaller events like community fairs. They're incredibly versatile, though, and if you plan ahead, you can order an extra cover or banner for your table top display so you can use it to call attention to featured products in your showroom or store or to display marketing messages in conference room or lobby, in between events. Why tie up closet space storing your display when you can put it to good use?

Choose The Right Table Top Display

When you choose a top-quality table top display and get expert help with your designs, you can achieve big marketing results using lightweight, easily portable components. What could your Connecticut company accomplish with the right table top display?

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