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More Impressive Exhibits With Inflatable Trade Show Display

February 20, 2017

Create More Impressive Exhibits With Inflatable Trade Show Display

Many exhibitors wish that a larger and more impressive trade show display was in their budget, but the cost of working with a traditional display system prohibits those expanded desires. For companies wishing to field an exhibit that makes more marketing impact, using inflatable trade show display offers a way to use large pieces with huge, bold graphics, at significantly less cost than a traditional system. In fact, depending on the exhibit you create, your team may be able to set up your entire Windscape display on their own, and the process takes minutes, not hours. The components in the Windscape system are lightweight and portable: a 16-foot tower packs into a standard-sized suitcase and a 10-foot backwall fits in a carry-on bag.
  • Versatile Design - There are 46 standard shapes in the Windscape line, and if you need something more specialized, custom shapes are also an option. You can combine shapes to create an entire exhibit, suspend components from the ceiling for greater exposure, and combine Windscape pieces with other Skyline systems to make a display that does everything you need and want. Even if you create a more elaborate display that requires some professional I&D, you'll save significantly over a traditional system because the components are designed for fast, easy set-up.
  • Serious Durability - Whether you plan to use your exhibit indoors, outdoors, or both, you'll be impressed with its durability and dependability. In many cases, a Windscape exhibit can take the place of a truss system, which saves you a lot on freight, drayage, and I&D. The bold, high-quality graphics broadcast your branding and images across any event, and stand up to UV exposure beautifully. They'll even stand up to being run over by a two-ton truck, though we can't recommend doing this on a regular basis!
  • Full-Featured Functionality - Building your trade shows exhibits with inflatable components doesn't mean you've limited to lightweight functionality. If you need a conference room to negotiate and close sales at trade shows, we'll deliver one, already wrapped in your custom graphics, and it sets up in minutes. If you've been wanting to include a multimedia element in your exhibit, Windscape offers both a projection wall and monitor-mount wall. The projection wall surrounds the display space with your branding, and uses a short-throw rear projector to give your display a clean look in as little floor space as possible. The monitor-mount wall holds a flat-panel monitor at eye-level, and supports up to 50 pounds.

Cut Costs And Improve Your Trade Show Display's Performance

When it comes to designing trade show displays that achieve and exceed their marketing goals, Hartford exhibitors turn to Skyline Connecticut. We'll help you create the perfect exhibit for your brand and products, design custom graphics for every display piece, and provide all the marketing training you need to make your trade show marketing efforts soar.

Hartford Trade Show Display
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