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Planning For Success With Your Trade Show Exhibits And Banner Stands

May 18, 2017

Planning For Success With Your Trade Show Exhibits And Banner Stands

Creating customized trade show exhibits and banner stands can play a major role in your success at a live marketing event. However, merely setting up your exhibits and banner stands isn't enough; in order to effectively maximize success with your live marketing exhibits, you must create a thorough executional strategy.

Creating Your Live Marketing Event Plan Begins Well Before the Day of the Function

Many business owners are surprised to learn that much of the success they will enjoy with their booths and banner stands will be determined well before the day of the function. Following a few simple preshow tips can help your company best prepare the right strategy for your live marketing approach. When creating your convention strategy, it's important to:

Find the right events: There's no simple formula for pinpointing the best functions for your organization's marketing objectives. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind when putting together your agenda. Local functions can prove convenient and cost-effective. However, industry specific functions will get you in front of a large concentration of your targeted demographic. Do you offer seasonal services and product lines? You'll want to consider events that fall during your busy season.

Start marketing: What’s another surprising strategy for many business owners? Believe it or not, it’s marketing their marketing event. Many entrepreneurs assume that the hosting venue itself will get the word out about the upcoming engagement. While many will promote on some levels, it may not be enough to give your company the attention it deserves on event day. Target your specific customer bases (both current and prospective) to increase the total amount of attendees that are there to see you specifically.

Setup meetings: Oftentimes, corporate executives believe that the only purpose of expos and conventions is to engage with new prospects. While generating new leads is a key component to success, seminars can actually be a great opportunity to connect with the clients that are already very familiar with your brand. Setup meetings with current clients that are local to each specific function to reinforce your existing professional relationship.

Train your staff: A poorly trained staff is the biggest preshow oversight made by entrepreneurs working the live marketing arena. All too often, executives believe that their sales staff will be able to effectively "wing it" in front of a live audience. However, convention pitching is different than other types of selling situations. It's critical to give your team all of the tools they will need to successfully manage any circumstance that occurs within your business booths and banner stands.

Identify data collection method: What’s another key detail that shouldn't be left until game day? It’s deciding how you and your team will document the large amount of data you will collect throughout the function. Remember, its not just about capturing leads and contact information; you and your team will also gain invaluable insight on your competition, the current industry trends as well as specific requests from your consumers. Knowing how you will capture these details before the function will help you and your staff arrive ready to dominate the showroom floor.

Skyline Connecticut offers customized trade show exhibits and banner stands in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. If you're ready to improve your live marketing game, Skyline Connecticut can help you put together the right strategy for your targeted demographic.

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