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Prep Your Staff For Success At Your Table Top Displays In Connecticut

July 16, 2015

Success at any given Connecticut live marketing event hinges on many key factors. It starts with your table top displays; Connecticut business owners have learned, sometimes, the hard way, that the concept, visual impact, and informative design of their table top displays can either encourage foot traffic during a live event or inspire attendees to run into the arms of the competition. However, table top displays alone aren't the only factors that can yield success or failure. Other details such as the setup of the event itself, location of your booth, and even guest turnout can make or break any given function.

Take The Time To Train Your Team When Working Table Top Displays In Connecticut

Perhaps the biggest factor contributing to the success of your table top displays in Connecticut is your staff. While the booth design will visually compel the crowd, how your staff effectively engages with guests will make all the difference in the number of leads you acquire and your overall sales conversion. Your employees must deliver a high-energy vibe to your booth that leaves visitors clamoring for more; they must possess a polished professionalism that makes guests want to entrust their business with your brand, and finally, they must maintain a steady focus on achieving the most critical marketing goals you have for every event.
Four Things To Think About When Prepping Your Team
If you’re not completely confident that your team is ready to perform, that's okay. Considering these four important tips can get them ready to command your table top displays in Connecticut with confidence.
Put together a comprehensive list of goals for each individual live marketing event. Don't forget to designate point people on each objective. Giving them action items helps keep them focused and engaged while you free up critical time for yourself to focus on other things.
Timing of training also plays a major role in the overall success your employees will enjoy at the function. Work out a training schedule for everyone attending the function. Break down the training sessions into easy-to-digest chunks, so you do not find everyone cramming in all the details last minute. Also, do not start training too soon or you may find your team fizzles out before the function.
Choosing staff representation is also critical during training sessions. Having sales members within the stand is important; however, dig further within your internal ranks to include as many service professionals as you can. Allowing guests the chance to engage with various departments within your company builds rapport and trust.
Once you have all of the key components outlined and in place, it is officially time to practice, practice, practice. Challenge each other; have different employees role play various scenarios so your team can tactfully manage any live encounter situation that may occur during game day. Practicing at the office will give them the poise and confidence they need to manage leads, networking connections and sales opportunities for optimal return on investment.
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