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Six Ways To Build Subscribers At Your Stamford Trade Show Booths

August 31, 2015

Six Ways To Build Subscribers At Your Stamford Trade Show Booths

Gathering subscribers for your corporate email campaigns at your trade show booths can generate some long term marketing ROI to your organization. However, many business owners exhibiting with Stamford trade show booths often fail to plan ahead to strategically gather subscribers at each event. Exhibitors often spend so much time focusing on simply building their lead database that they fail to get permission for sending emails to guests after the show has ended. 
Don't be one of them; stop missing out on opportunities to further the reach of your corporate email campaigns by following these tips designed specifically to build subscribers:
Use Technology
Still collecting printed business cards to compile lead information later? It's time to get with the 21st century. Find an app for your team to use throughout your booths that can help your visitors quickly enter in their contact information for use later.
Pitch It
Getting your team pitch perfect plays a key role in the overall success you will reap with your Stamford trade show booths. Discussing your subscribers' email list should be included in every conversation your team has with visiting guests to ensure they have the information they will need to signup.
Make It Easy
Setup laptops and tablets throughout your Stamford trade show booths for your guests to enter in their data directly. Having them signup themselves means that they can give your organization permission to send future email campaigns.
Put It On Your Exhibit
Do you want to make subscribing visible for every visiting guest? Put the signup information directly on your Stamford trade show booths. Partner with a quality design team to strategize the best location to showcase this important information.
Use Questionnaires After Presentations
Holding presentations in your Stamford trade show booths gives you the opportunity to exhibit to multiple guests at one time. Create a questionnaire that asks for feedback about your services/company as a whole. This win/win strategy also gives them a place to enter in their subscriber information to make the most of this opportunity.

Follow Up Plays A Major Role In Keeping Subscribers

Savvy entrepreneurs recognize that getting subscribers' information as well as their permission to email them company newsletters and updates is only part of the overall success equation. In order to maximize success obtained at any given event, your company must effectively sustain its relationship with its subscribers. The best way to do this is to follow up. Before each event your staff should brainstorm their plan of action for sifting through the data and leads obtained throughout the event. After every live event, have your team poised to follow up with every lead and subscriber collected at the function. Taking the time to make a personal connection with each subscriber can build brand loyalty and build marketing momentum for potential future sales.

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