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Skyline Banner Stands In Stamford Light The Way

May 25, 2016

Using Skyline Banner Stands, Stamford Exhibitors Light The Way

Trade show booth lighting is one area where many companies don't take full advantage of the opportunities they have in their exhibit space. It used to be - and not that long ago - that adding lighting to a booth was an expensive proposition, and it would significantly complicate the transport and set-up of a booth. With the advent of LED lights, though, exhibitors have more options than before. You no longer have to commit to a large lighting investment, professional lighting design, and professional installation to get attractive and effective lighting in your booth. Your display will grab more attention and give a more polished impression with additional lighting.

Using Banner Stands For Additional Lighting

When a lighting designer plans a lightscape for a client, that lighting is created in layers. There's ambient light from the venue's overhead lighting and any natural light coming in, which serves as a foundation, and accent and task lights can be added to highlight things like the company's visual branding, products, and literature. The fact that there are lighting designers says a lot about how complex the subject can be, but there are some basic principles and ideas that even a small, portable exhibit can put to good use in its space: Warmer light is more welcoming and flattering to humans; cool-colored lights and moving lights grab attention, but they can be unsettling to stay near; and while up-lights can add dramatic flair to displays, they give people a rather ghoulish appearance, so think carefully about where you place them.
  • Banner Stand Lights - All of Skyline's banner stands work with a top-mounted light that highlights the banner and an inviting arc around it; it's a perfect spot for a small display table. Using a banner stand system that features shelves and literature, like Myriad, lets you draw attention to your brochures and other literature.
  • Additional Lights - In addition to the top-mounted light, banner stands offer a good place to mount additional lights, on the banner pole, behind the banner. If you're using your banner stands individually (not as the backwall), you can aim those lights behind the banner stand, or to either side, to provide additional points of interest and boost the overall level of light in your space.
  • Floor Lights - Placing lights on the floor, pointing upward at your products or signage gives a beautiful and polished effect. Having exposed light fixtures knocking around the floor, less polished. Banner stands are perfect for concealing those floor lights, and keeping people from accidentally kicking them. Another benefit is that, as mentioned earlier, up-lights are not a good choice for areas where your team members will be standing frequently, and they're less likely to be standing around next to a banner stand.

With Creative Lighting and Skyline Banner Stands, Stamford Exhibitors Shine

Trade show booth lighting doesn't have to be a big-budget production. It's quite cost-effective to go beyond basic with a little creativity and Skyline's versatile trade show stands. Stamford exhibitors can contact Skyline Connecticut online or by phone at 860-635-2400 for help in planning lights for a portable trade show exhibit, custom graphic design for banners, marketing strategy consultation and training, and everything else your business need to achieve your trade show marketing goals.

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