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Skyline Pop Up Displays in Stamford

January 15, 2018

Skyline Pop Up Displays in Stamford

If you are new to the trade show industry, deciding on the perfect display for you and your brand can be a daunting task. You may have figured out what you want in regards to pricing, but not having first hand knowledge of the available displays and exhibits can make identifying what you want difficult. Of course, you want to make a great first impression and lasting impression, but you are unsure on how to accomplish this.

You begin to ask around about what display will work best for your brand, but find the answers unsatisfactory. You search the internet for companies that create trade show displays, but pictures aren’t much help because they don’t describe the details. You’re lost, but you are also in luck.

Skyline has been in the trade show industry for nearly 40 years. They are continually pushing the conventions of trade show exhibits and pop up displays. Better yet, they work with you to help you determine which exhibit or display aligns with your objectives. They also design their own graphics through their experienced design team, so you know your brand’s images will be crisp, clean, and will draw in the attention of the show attendees.

For many, Skyline’s pop up displays are the ideal choice. They offer many features that make these displays exceptionally convenient and a sense of ease that is not found in other pop up displays. Pop up displays are a great choice for first time exhibitors like and trade show veterans.

Why Pop Up Displays in Stamford

One of the many great conveniences with Skyline’s pop up displays is that they have several models that are portable. This makes exhibiting easier and more efficient. As previously mentioned, Skyline has a graphics team that can create compelling images. It’s a fact that great exhibit design and graphics gets you more attention, creating more opportunity to interact, and this gets you results. Your pop up display will attract the audience and your messaging will be clear and to the point. Best of all the Skyline designers can help you maximize your pop up displays visual impact in smaller spaces.

Why is choosing the right display so important? When you are participating in a trade show, your display is your brand. If you choose a pop up display that to save on costs, chances are the creators of the display cut on costs as well. When it comes time to put your display to the test, you will realize that saving money up front will cost you more in the long run. That is not the case with Skyline’s pop up displays. These displays are constructed to last and withstand years of use and customizations.

The Pop Up Displays in Stamford

Skyline has a variety of pop up displays to choose from and each have their own unique look and feel to them. It’s just a matter of finding one that works best for you and your brand.

Windscape®- This is the first wind powered exhibit system. It comes with a 10-ft. backwall unit that fits in a carryon case and it takes 7 minutes to go from its case to exhibit ready.

Mirage® Pop Up Display- With the Mirage Pop Up Display, you will always look your best. This display is the most popular and durable display in the trade show industry. It is constructed with a fiberglass frame that won’t break or dent so your display will always look great.

PictureCube® Exhibit System- With the PictureCube, you are sure to attract attention with the backlit graphics. This pop up display is lightweight and utilizes a low profile from to make the graphics really pop. It’s great for hanging signs or floor-standing units.

Picturescape® Exhibit System- This display allows you to create any curved or angled shape imaginable. Skyline’s FlexLoc® connecting system hides the fabric to frame connection.

DesignView® Exhibit System- This pop up display is the ultimate presentation system. It comes with a white screen in various sizes and positions. It is framed by your own custom graphics for seamless professional videos and more.

Skyline Exhibits & Graphics: Pop Up Displays in Stamford

If you have any questions about pop up displays or would like to learn more about Skyline’s other award-winning trade show exhibits, call today at 860-635-2400. You can also get in contact via email at info@skyline-ct.com.

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