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Tech Plus Trade Show Stands Equal Impressive Results

December 07, 2017

Tech Plus Trade Show Stands Equal Impressive Results

Yes, it sounds like an unlikely pairing: trade shows stands and tech. Think about it, though, one of the most important things any trade show exhibitor needs from their display is generating qualified leads and capturing them for follow-up later on. Large companies are already doing this with huge, impressive island displays and glitzy multimedia features. That type of display may be out of reach for smaller companies, but the functionality is not. Smaller companies can take advantage of everything an interactive display with lead capture capabilities offers, but in a smaller, more portable, and less costly exhibit. In addition to collecting more and better-qualified leads, using lead capture technology can help you fine-tune your trade show marketing efforts by providing analytics that help you pinpoint what’s working and what’s not, and it gives you data about specific leads, which helps your sales team make a more targeted approach with their follow-up.

  • Small But Mighty Exhibits - If a giant island display isn’t in your marketing budget, and neither is an inline modular display, you’re still not out of options. An exhibit as simple as a set of trade show stands with lights, and a mobile or tablet-based lead capture system will produce impressive results, both in terms of sales and marketing. If a larger, more elaborate exhibit is in your company’s means, you can build in even more functionality for an even bigger return on your investment.
  • Keep Visitors Engaged For Greater Marketing Exposure - It can be challenging to track and analyze the effectiveness of specific parts of your trade show display. If you’re using a lead capture system that works with your interactive display and point of sale system, though, you can easily view how long visitors spent taking part in your interactive experience, how long they spent with your booth team looking at digital brochures and virtual product demos, and what they purchased. Whether your interactive experience is presented on inexpensive and portable tablets or on an attention-grabbing digital wall, your visitors are likely to stay longer and absorb more of your brand and marketing messages while building a favorable impression of your company and products.
  • Leave A Big Impression With Any Size Display - One of the most economical ways to take advantage of lead capture technology in your exhibit is to create a backwall using trade show stands and well-designed and lighted vertical banners. The more minimal your exhibit, the more critical it is to design bold, colorful graphics that grab attention and generate interest from a distance. Broadcast an interesting teaser with brightly lit visuals, and visitors won’t be able to resist coming to see what it’s about.

Combining Tech And Trade Show Stands For The Win

Whether you’re taking a minimalist approach with trade shows stands as a backwall, or running full-tilt with a two-story island, combining interactive technology and lead capture with that exhibit gives your prospects an impression that your company is cutting-edge, and your sales team a serious advantage when it comes to closing sales with those prospects.

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