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Tell Your Brand Story With Banner Stands In Hartford

March 22, 2017

Tell Your Brand Story With Banner Stands In Hartford

Banner stands give trade show exhibitors nearly endless options for creating displays that grab attention, which is how they've earned a reputation as the most versatile tool at any exhibitor's disposal. One especially effective way to design a series of banner stands is to tell your brand story, which should give the viewer an overall impression of what your brand represents and what your products are all about. It's more challenging than it sounds to make designs that play to the strengths of the vertical banner medium (large graphics at eye level, for one). Banners are most effective when they're clean and uncluttered, but you have a whole story to tell.

The World's Best Smoked Salmon

This is one great example of telling a brand story with banner stands. When you first see the photograph of this three-banner display, your eyes probably fall first on the left-hand banner with happy couple in formalwear, then the other people in photos below that, all well heeled and ready to dine. Why are these people so happy? Because on the right-hand banner, right at eye level, there is a giant, tender, succulent salmon filet. Beneath that, you will see that this salmon is served on china and on trendy cedar planks with special seafood forks. This must be some really special salmon! In fact, the top of each of these banners tells us that it is, in fact, the world's best smoked salmon. The center panel fills in some details in brief phrases, and the entire story can be absorbed almost instantly. Is anyone else's mouth watering, now?

Go Walk, Go Run, Wait, What?

Another excellent example is this display Skyline designed for Skechers imPulse. The left panel shows a man running up a rather steep hill. Wow, he's in amazing shape! Oh, it says "Skechers: Go run." Yep, he's wearing Skechers. Right Panel shows a woman at the beach, and her body posture seems relaxed. But she's very fit…and she's also wearing Skechers, even though she's not working out. "Skechers: Go Walk." Okay, fit people wear Skechers to run and walk. We look to the middle panel, expecting, reasonably, to see shoes…or the Skechers name. Hold on. What the heck? It says imPulse, and there's a large photo of colorful watches, oh, they're activity trackers, and they work with Android and iOS mobile phones. A quick glance later, we realize that both of those fit people are, in fact, wearing imPulse activity trackers, which, we learn, are made by Skechers Performance Division. Wow, cool! We didn't even know that was a thing! This story is effective because it causes the viewer to do a double-take, and gives them an "AHA!" moment, which will help set the impression into their memories.

How Will You Use Banner Stands To Tell Your Brand Story?

Exhibitors come to Skyline Exhibits & Graphics Connecticut for expert help in designing vertical banners in Hartford. Clients rely on us to tell their unique brand stories, for premium-quality banner stands and printing, so their beautiful banner displays will keep impressing visitors, show after show.

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