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Three Design Ideas For Trade Show Stands People Will Notice

January 20, 2017

Three Design Ideas For Trade Show Stands People Will Notice

Trade show stands can give your trade show marketing efforts a serious boost if you use attention-grabbing designs to get visitors to stop and absorb your message. At any trade show event, sporting event, concert, or other community event, there will be plenty of banners on trade show stands, all competing for people's attention, so understanding what makes the difference between good design and truly effective design is a big advantage. First, think about what you want to accomplish with your banners. The answer will likely be a combination of things: Increasing awareness of your brand and products, showcasing a new product or line, attracting visitors to interact with your booth team, or encouraging them to take pictures and share on social media. Whatever the specific goals, the generalized goal is to get people to take note, and have them leave with a positive feeling or impression.
  • Grouped Trade Show Stands - One of the best things about trade show stands is how versatile they are, and how easy it is to group them to either create the effect of a single large mural, or to display a series of graphics that are related by theme, but varied individually. Whichever type of grouping you want to design, each banner should include your logo and company name (if it's not part of the logo) in the same place: often near the top. You might choose to split a single, high-resolution image among 3 banners, or use three images of the same thing, like one of your products with different backgrounds.
  • Special Photo Effects - Selective color is one popular type of photo manipulation that can be very effective if it's done well. In its simplest form, selective color takes a black and white photo and adds color to the elements it wants to highlight. In the context of banner design, your logo would be in color, as well as an element in the photo itself, possibly one of your products. One variant of selective color uses a photo that is in a tonal scale of some color other than gray, and contrasts with your colored elements. Shallow depth-of-field photography can also produce attention-grabbing results by tricking the viewer's eye into perceiving a 3-D image, which can be digitally enhanced.
  • Harmonious Design - Whichever design ideas you use, be sure that each banner is clean and simple, or they'll overwhelm the viewer and muffle the message you were trying to convey. Trade show stand banners need minimalist design to be most effective. Use large, bold graphics and as little text as possible to make a clear point.

Use Trade Show Stands To Your Best Advantage

Skyline Connecticut features a wide selection of trade show stands, along with expert design guidance and premium printing services, so your banner stands will stop visitors in their tracks. We'll help you boost your traffic and achieve your trade show marketing goals with banners that show the world what your brand and products are all about.

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