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Tips On How To Have A Successful Trade Show Installation In Connecticut

January 02, 2016

Tips On How To Have A Successful Trade Show Installation In Connecticut

Have you recently decided to outsource your trade show installation at Connecticut events? Congratulations! Partnering with a professional team for trade show labor in Connecticut, or anywhere else, really, can save your business time, stress, and most importantly, money.

Find The Right Provider For Your Installation And Dismantling Efforts

At this point in the process, you've probably realized that simply deciding to utilize trade show installation in Connecticut is simply the starting point in the process. In order to effectively maximize benefits at the next show, you must create a plan of execution to keep the entire installation and dismantling process running as smoothly as possible. If you’re not sure where to start, following a few tips and pointers can give you insight on ensuring you experience a successful trade show installation in Connecticut.
As you move forward in the process:
Screen Candidates To Find The Right Partner
The most important factor in a successful trade show installation is finding the right partner. When sourcing your outsourced team, look for a vendor who offers:
  • Trained, skilled and experienced workers
  • Seasoned supervisors to oversee installation and dismantling
  • Outstanding industry reputation
Most importantly, whenever possible, partner with a vendor who offers both a national and international presence. Working with a team that has branches throughout the country and beyond means that you will get the coverage you need no matter where you exhibit, without having to begin the selection process all over again.
List Specific Setup Instructions
Do you have a booth or stand that offers various showroom configurations? Provide a list of your specific setup instructions to your chosen vendor to eliminate guesswork and guarantee you arrive finding your exhibit put together exactly as you have envisioned. Include diagrams and bullet-points to make the entire process as streamlined as possible.
Ask For Input
If you’re not quite sure how you should setup your exhibit, it’s not a problem. A skilled vendor that offers trade show installation in Connecticut will offer a wealth of invaluable input. Discuss your floor space restrictions and ask for their input on how to best configure your booth for optimal visual results.
Discuss The Pricing Model
How will your vendor bill you for services rendered? Are rates based per project or hourly? Talk with potential providers to understand up front how you will be charged to eliminate any assumptions when your bill arrives.
Check References
Your exhibit marks a significant corporate expense; you will only want to entrust its care to a capable team. Ask for references from previously satisfied customers and check them. Knowing other business' experience can help you make an informed final decision on your partner.
Get A Quote
Finally, ask your selected vendor to put everything discussed in writing. Having a detailed price quote will manage both your and your providers' expectations and ensure that everyone gets exactly what they signed up for.

Contact Skyline Connecticut Today

Do you want to hear more about the many benefits offered by a tradeshow installation in Connecticut? Contact Skyline Connecticut today to discuss your specific showroom vision

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