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Top Marketing Tech Trends For Trade Show Exhibits

April 20, 2017

Top Marketing Tech Trends For Trade Show Exhibits

There are so many marketing technologies available for trade show exhibitors today, it’s hard to know what’s hot, what’s not, and what is going to achieve your company’s specific objectives. Since 2010, Exhibitor magazine has been conducting research into marketing tech and its application in trade show exhibits. Part of that research is a biennial survey, asking exhibitors what technologies they’re currently using and what they’re planning to implement in the coming year. The 2016 Marketing Technology Survey results were recently released, and offer some insights for companies who are trying to learn what might work best for their own trade show exhibits.

  • Mobile Apps & Tablets - Mobile apps and tablets are nothing new in the world of marketing, but the ways they’re being used, specifically at trade shows, is evolving quickly. Today, exhibitors can skip the cost of printing brochures by using a tablet to show visitors a digital brochure with far greater marketing power than any print collateral, and send that prospect additional digital collateral to follow up. Mobile apps can also be used for lead collection and tracking the behaviors and buying habits of trade show visitors, which can provide valuable insight for sales and for future marketing campaigns.
  • Touchscreens & Interactive Displays - Whether displayed on a tablet or a wall, touchscreens with interactive experiences are a big draw for visitors, and a good way to keep those visitors in your exhibit longer engaging with both your content and your team. Crowds tend to attract crowds, so once you’ve got your trade show exhibit full of people checking out your interactive display, more people will wander in to see what’s going on, and your booth team will get a chance to chat with them.
  • Video Presentations - Again, video presentations are nothing new, but their uses and the technology used to make them are changing continually and quickly. The days of the infomercial style videos played on an endless loop in trade show exhibits have drawn to a close, but video marketing is only getting started. In today’s market, videos are effective at generating engagement and pre-show buzz on social media, and well-created videos can help draw more prospects into your booth, ready to engage in a conversation with your team.

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