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Top Three Apps To Make Working Pop Up Displays In Hartford Even Easier

July 04, 2015

One popular reason why business owners in the area choose pop up displays in Hartford? Convenience. Easy to transport, these lightweight stands are made from premium materials that deliver optimal visual impact without overly inconveniencing business owners. Many entrepreneurs don't even have to go through the hassle of shipping their pop up displays in Hartford; these easy to pack up exhibits prove even easier to carry and can be brought in cars for a seamless transport experience.
Free Apps Can Make Your Entire Trade Show Experience Even Easier
Of course, choosing to use pop up displays at Hartford events is only one way to maximize convenience when working the live marketing arena. Many entrepreneurs overlook another key way to keep the entire experience as seamless as possible: tapping into technology.
One major resource that you may be missing out on when optimizing convenience at any given encounter marketing function are mobile apps. There are several available apps that can help you hone your performance for maximum return on investment. Best of all, many of these apps are free so you will never have to worry about stretching your trade show budget too thin.
Which mobile apps should you consider when planning for your next trade show event? These top three suggestions can help you instantly see an upswing in overall convenience:
iCapture: Want to connect with your booth visitors using targeted questions? This app is the perfect resource for you. You can choose a template questionnaire or create your own list to ask for more specific feedback that can be utilized long after the function has ended.
CamCard: Capturing contact information is a major incentive for business owners attending a trade show event. However, managing the deluge of data accumulated during the event can prove a challenge for even the most organized booth attendant. CamCard can help. This app enables users to take pictures of business cards to save the important information directly to a smartphone. Additionally, you can add customized fields and add your own personal notes to the stored information so you have everything you will need for your follow-up.
Track My Budget: it's no secret that the costs of a trade show quickly add up. Sometimes it can feel like the expense of everything is hard to effectively manage. Track My Budget can help. This particular app was designed for household expenses; however, it lets users create customized categories for easy application throughout the trade show.
Using Social Media Throughout The Function Can Simplify Execution
Another way to use technology at your pop up displays in Hartford is to tap into the power of social media throughout the convention. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all social media powerhouses can be utilized for live updates during the event. Let attendees know about contests and giveaways and let them see some behind-the-scenes pics with your employees to help boost interest, so you’re creating more than just showroom buzz.
Skyline Connecticut creates state-of-the-art pop up displays in Hartford for business owners who want to stand out in the crowd. Are you ready to establish your company as an industry leader? Contact Skyline today to start creating your new live event concept.

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