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Trade Show Booth Rentals Provide A One-Stop Solution

November 18, 2016

Trade Show Booth Rentals Provide A One-Stop Solution

Whether your company is looking for a simple, portable set-up, or a full-tilt fortress with a conference loft and multimedia, trade show booth rentals offer flexibility, full service support from design to delivery, and a surprising amount of customization to create and exhibit that perfectly reflects your unique brand and products.
  • Expert Guidance - When you work with Skyline for your trade show booth rental, our consultants will help you define your objectives, and work with you every step of the way to create a floor plan that supports your style of marketing and sales, and optimize every cubic inch of space in your booth for effective performance. Whether you're designing a retail merchandise display or an immersive experience for your prospects, we'll advise you on everything from product placement and accessibility to lighting, and anything else you may have questions about.
  • Flexibility - One of the biggest advantages trade show booth rentals is that you have all the flexibility you need to change your display from one show to the next, to fine-tune its performance, or for specially targeted displays at key shows. You get the full use of every product in our catalog when you need it, and send it back when you're done with it. No long-term investment and no worries over storage space or expense.
  • Custom Graphics - Once you've chosen the floor plan and layout that works best for your needs, our designers will work with your to design custom graphics that will effectively broadcast your brand and sales messages, highlight your key products and their features and benefits, and draw prospects into your sales path. Our graphics use premium print processes and materials, so you always get crisp images; bold, true colors; and a polished, unified look on every piece from ceiling to floor.
  • Hassle-Free Logistics - In addition to eliminating hassles with storage, trade show booth rental from Skyline makes it easy to arrange any freight, drayage, and installation & dismantle (I&D) services you'll need. We'll make sure your exhibits gets where you need it safely and timely. Our certified installers are backed by a guarantee for on-time and accurate set-up. In markets where you're required to use show labor, our certified technicians can supervise those laborers on your behalf, to make sure you don't have any issues with correct set-up and function, and to keep your installation running on time, so you're not fined for late opening. When the show is over, you're free to catch an early flight home, or go have dinner with your team; we've got the Dismantle and return covered.

Smooth Sailing With Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals

Take advantage of the full service support that Skyline Connecticut provides exhibitors with custom trade show booth rentals. Planning a trade show marketing campaign is complicated enough; we're here to help you exhibit a unique and impressive display without hassles and complex logistics.

Trade Show Booth Rentals
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