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Trade Show Marketing Through Displays Takes A Firm Hand

August 23, 2016

Trade Show Marketing Through Displays Takes Discipline And Focus

When you walk around the floor at a trade show, it's an overwhelming assortment of colors, sounds, lights, design concepts, and images. It can be an incredible source of inspiration if you're planning to design a new trade show display of your own. There is definitely value in creating a glitzy spectacle for attendees, but it's easy to become dazzled by all of the bright, sparkly ideas and lose sight of your main mission. The basis for any successful campaign of trade show marketing display is a plan with tight focus and having the discipline to ensure that every element in that display serves your defined objectives. First, you need to have clearly focused objectives, then you need to be ready to "kill your darlings," when it comes to design ideas. Yes, putting a 10-story Ferris wheel in your display would be really cool, but if your company manufactures kitchen countertops, it's going to be hard to justify that Ferris wheel in terms of achieving a goal of selling countertops.

What Are We Doing Here?

Before you start making a list of all the neat stuff you want your trade show display to include, it's important to get your team together and decide what your primary focus will be while you're using that particular display. Are you there to sell merchandise? Are you there to rack up qualified leads for your services? Are you there you close deals with wholesalers? Obviously, a trade show booth can be designed to do more than one of these things, but you need to decide going in what the primary function should be, and prioritize other functions, in case you come to a point in the design process where you have to start cutting ideas. Some ideas are more easily combined; others prove to be mutually detracting. Once you know where your priorities lie, you can start thinking about how best to use the space you plan to occupy.
  • Retail Merchandising - Shelving merchandise in your trade show booth places a lot of demands on your space and design flexibility. If this is your main mission, your booth design needs to focus on visibility and traffic flow, along with professionally designed lighting. Your primary challenges are going to be designing a space that doesn't create traffic bottlenecks or allow people looking at your merchandise to completely obscure the view of the merchandise from the aisle.
  • Closing Space - If your primary mission is to close sales and write contracts at a trade show, you'd be wise to include your sales team in the design process from the outset. Typically, sales people at trade shows have some flexibility in what they can offer, which means that it will not be to your team's advantage if prospects can readily overhear what considerations another prospect is being offered. It also can serve as a discouragement for other prospects to enter your space if they see their fellow prospects being "held" in negotiations with a sales person out in the open. Depending on the volume of contracts you're planning to close, a conference room or two might be a good solution, or maybe you're going to need a series of smaller enclosed spaces.
  • Hands-On Experience - If your trade show marketing plan involves a hands-on demonstration, maybe a product demo, or a tablet- or terminal-based multimedia presentation, your design challenges are going to include planning traffic flow around the demo stations, while having those demos take place in sight of the aisle, so the activity will attract more traffic.

The Right Trade Show Display For Your Purposes

At Skyline Connecticut, we've got all the resources exhibitors need to pinpoint what they need from their trade show exhibit, and help them build the right display to achieve their specific marketing goals: Marketing consulting, space and lighting design, customized rentals, full-service sales support, logistics, I&D, and much more.

Trade Show Marketing Through Displays
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