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Up Your Marketing Game With Modular Inline Displays

June 23, 2016

Up Your Trade Show Marketing Game With Modular Inline Displays

Modular inline displays offer exhibitors total flexibility to create exactly the image they want and the functionality they need, while saving money on costs like freight, drayage, and I&D. These lightweight pieces are engineered to pack as small as possible, yet assemble far more quickly than an old-school wood or steel truss system. Some systems don't even require professional I&D! Whether you're fielding a simple-but-elegant standard booth or a full-tilt exhibit with 16-foot towers and a retail store inside, you can customize and accessorize your way to a perfect set-up by using modular inline display.
  • Visual Impact - What kind of image do you want to project? What works best with your branding and your buyers? Are you more of an imposing rectangular tower kind of company, or would fanciful curves with bright colors suit you better: Classic or contemporary? From angular geometrics to gracefully sweeping curves, Skyline's modular inline display lines offer a broad selection of structure shapes to showcase your premium custom graphics. Backlight them, spotlight them, or work with a lighting designer to create a custom lightscape that puts the perfect shine on your exhibit.
  • Merchandising - Merchandising at trade shows presents a unique set of challenges. How do you create a functional store in your exhibit without creating a space that's visually cluttered or constricts traffic flow? Of course, it depends upon the size of your products and to what degree buyers will be interacting with the products before they purchase. Set up a demo area apart from the merchandise shelves or tables to prevent traffic jams. Use a clean, simple display like Skyrise to make your products the visual focus, or work with a more streamlined system like Inliten to showcase a more complex visual combination of custom graphics and products.
  • Multimedia & Interactive - Your modular inline display can be designed with monitor mounts, a projection wall, counters for interactive stations, or sleek placard stands for tablets. Whatever kind of media presentation or activity you want to impress your visitors with, we've got the right equipment for you to make it a seamless and flexible part of your exhibit. 
  • Meeting Space & Workstations - If your team is going to be giving extended presentations, hosting meetings, or closing deals on-site, you may find you need a conference room or a set of workstations. From a portable conference room that two people can set up with no professional help at all, to a panel-based structure with windows and doors, you'll get the space you need to conduct business effectively. Workstation options also range from simple and portable to units with built-in storage and lighting, and all of them offer the opportunity to custom-brand every piece so it's visually integrated into your exhibit environment.

Modular Inline Display For Any Application

Whether your company is attending trade shows to market barbeque sauce or bubble bath, health insurance or home remodeling, you can create the perfect environment to showcase your products or services, attract more prospects, and help your team make sales. Skyline Connecticut can help you design the most effective exhibit for your unique brand and your specific marketing objectives.

Modular Inline Displays
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