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Visual Marketing 101: Put The "Pop" In Your Pop Up Displays In Stamford

July 23, 2015

Pop up displays at Stamford events can create buzz, build marketing momentum, and extend the reach of your brand. However, many business owners miss the marketing mark with their pop up displays in Stamford. The reason? No visual sizzle. They assume that these smaller exhibits cannot yield the eye-catching visuals that their larger counterparts deliver.
Fortunately, here at Skyline Connecticut, we not only know better, we do better. We proudly create pop up displays in Stamford that command attention and showcase our partners' brands in the most stirring and professional light possible. The result? These smaller exhibits dazzle even the most cynical live marketing event attendees.
Design Tips For Your Pop Up Displays In Stamford
When designing your portable displays, following a few simple visual marketing tips can make a major difference in the overall impact of your exhibit. The first thing to consider when putting together the esthetics of your exhibit is your target audience. Different consumers respond differently to specific colors and other visual cues. Having a firm understanding on your specific consumer demographic delivers the insight you need to create a final exhibit that will best resonate with your audience.
Once you've determined the visual needs of your targeted audience, it's important to remember that sight is not the only sense you need to appeal to. There are four other important senses that help them make their purchasing decisions; include all of them, or, at least as many of them as you can, into your final design. Pipe in music to appeal to their sense of hearing. Bake cookies or pop popcorn and serve treats within your exhibit to heighten both their sense of taste and smell. Give them plenty of tactile items to touch throughout the display for their sense of touch. Making your pop up displays in Stamford a sensory experience will enrich their time in your exhibit and deliver a well-rounded impression of your business brand.
Resonate With Your Audience’s Senses
Additionally, visitors at your pop up displays do not want to be told what your business does. They want your exhibits to show them everything that your brand stands for, in a single glance. This means the images you pick to represent your organization must silently speak volumes about your business. At Skyline Connecticut, we work with our partners to create visual imagery that informs and compels without being visually overwhelming or looking cluttered.
Of course, the only thing better than a high-resolution image is the real thing. Displaying your actual products and merchandise within your pop up displays in Stamford can deliver the ultimate sensory experience for your consumers. They will not only get to see the product; they will get to touch it, and use it for themselves to get an up close look at the value it offers to their daily routines.
Are you ready to put the ‘pop’ in your pop up displays in Stamford? Skyline Connecticut can help. Visit our website or contact us today to speak with a design specialist about your live marketing needs. We cannot wait to help you make a major marketing impact at your next event.

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