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We Don’t Exhibit At Trade Shows. Why Do We Need Banner Stands?

September 15, 2017

We Don’t Exhibit At Trade Shows. Why Do We Need Banner Stands?

Banner stands are so commonly associated with trade show exhibits that many people actually call them trade show stands. The truth is, they're small-but-mighty marketing tools in many different settings, and an economical way for a wide variety of businesses to increase sales, inform customers and clients, and offer additional services. Many retailers use banner stands to great advantage by placing them near new products or impulse items to attract notice, or to announce special promotions or sales. The utility of banner stands reaches far beyond trade show marketing and retail sales. Is your business missing out?

  • Restaurants & Bars - Nothing sells food and drink like photos of food and drink. Creating graphical banners with professional photographs of your most tantalizing menu items and placing those images prominently will make people crave what you're presenting. Put banner stands in the foyer, so people will see it on their way in, when they're most hungry or most looking forward to a nice drink. It's a great way to drive interest in new or underappreciated menu items, and especially in a bar, it can be a very effective way to get someone to order another drink: the one they came in for, and the new one you've just shown them.
  • Medical Practices - Depending upon the type of medicine you practice, there are a variety of ways you might effectively use banner stands. Informational signs that change periodically are one good choice because unlike a framed sign, the banner will change and even frequent visitors to your office will notice the change. In a pediatric practice, banner stands can be used to calm and amuse patients while they wait, with friendly images that encourage patients to examine carefully or make up stories. In an aesthetic practice, banners can be used to show prospective patients what type of results your treatments can offer them. Custom-designed banners aimed toward creating positive feelings in patients are much better for building a positive relationship than those frightening posters your pharmaceutical reps hand out.
  • Wedding & Party Planners - If you're in the business of planning social events like weddings, a set of quality banner stands will prove invaluable. The banners are easy to change out, and economical, so you can have each client purchase their own banners to use in your stands. The uses for banners at social events are literally endless. At a wedding, they can be used to display written versions of each person's vows, or to show engagement photos or other professional, high-resolution photos. Banner stands can also be used to form a backdrop for party photos, like a less expensive version of a photo booth. Another popular use for banners stands at parties is to stand in for a friend or loved one who couldn’t attend. For example, you might use a life-sized photo of someone who can't be there because they're away at college or on deployment, so friends and family can take pictures "with them" and share the photos to let the absent person feel a part of the occasion.

What Can Banner Stands Do For Your Business?

From tantalizing images to important information, most types of businesses have some beneficial use for banner stands. Whether it's boosting sales, improving employee morale, or broadcasting your visual branding, simple and economical banner stands can help you to greater success.

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