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Winning Graphic Design For Trade Show Stand Banners

March 26, 2019

Winning Graphic Design For Trade Show Stand Banners

Trade show stands with vertical banners are a common sight at any trade show, convention, concert, or sporting event. They're an incredibly versatile medium, and if they're well designed, they can offer a significant boost to the marketing efforts of the exhibitors who use them. Whether you plan to use trade show stands to create a lightweight and portable back wall for your booth, or as companions to your merchandising displays to call attention to new releases and benefits of your products, you'll realize greater success with graphic designs that are specially targeted to grab the attention of visitors and leave an instant impression on their minds.

  • Skip The Copy - Most companies in today's market invest heavily in professionally written copy for their websites, brochures, and social media. When designing banners, it can be tempting to put that copy to further use by including pieces of it in your banners. Unfortunately, displaying text is not what banners do best. Visitors are unlikely to stop and read your banners. Some designers insist that there should be an absolute maximum of seven words on a banner. Seven words may be a bit conservative, but the principle is sound: less text is best for this application, and short phrases or single words will work better than text written in complete sentences. Big impact. Few Words.
  • Visual Impact - Vertical banners excel as visual media, with designs based on a professionally designed graphic image or photograph. It's a fairly large display space for graphics, which means that it has the potential to grab attention from quite a distance. It also means that your images need to be flawless because any small imperfections will be glaring in this format. Make sure your graphics are designed in a scalable format, so they don't blur when you have them up-sized for printing. If you're working with a photograph, it should be a professional photo, professionally edited to give the effect you want at banner size. Scaling photographs for banner printing reveals small imperfections in painful detail; this is no place for amateur efforts.
  • Tried And True - Take a proven principle from merchandising and place your optimized essential information at eye level. Prospects will take in whatever you place at eye level first, so that's where your logo and slogan or message should go. If your message is clear and your design is clean and uncrowded, that information will imprint instantly on their minds, much like a snapshot. If your design fails to make that imprint, it's going to fail in pulling the visitor into your sales funnel to learn more and reach a buying decision.

Use Trade Show Stands To Your Best Advantage

By tailoring the graphic design of your vertical banners on trade show stands to your specific marketing objectives and target audience, you'll see increased traffic, and, even more importantly, leave a stronger brand impression and draw more prospects into your sales funnel for the ultimate success: more closed sales.

Hartford Trade Show Stand
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