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With Pop-Up Displays, Connecticut Show Set-Up Is So Easy

April 18, 2016

With Mirage Pop-Up Displays, Connecticut Show Set-Up Is Easy And Effective

Thanks to Skyline Mirage pop-up displays, Connecticut exhibitors can set up an attention-grabbing display in no time flat. Mirage pop-ups are curved, so they make an elegant backwall, and their seamless graphic surface gives the polished look of a much more complicated display. And that's only the beginning; these versatile units can be used as two-sided stand-alones, or combined into an island. Combined with the wide selection of Mirage accessories Skyline offers, these pop-ups will give you all the performance you need today and the flexibility to grow with your booth as your business expands its trade show presence in the future.

Premium Performance And Room To Grow

  • Three Frame Options - The Mirage Classic frame is constructed with hardy fiberglass poles, which pop into shape as you unpack the frame, and you lock it together with simple snap-on connectors. Mirage Advantage frames are also made of fiberglass, and they take convenience one-step further with magnetic connectors that lock themselves in place once the frame pops into shape. For the ultimate in durability and convenience, Mirage Plus frames are made of lightweight carbon fiber poles, which are even more durable than fiberglass. The Mirage Plus frame pops itself into shape and self-locks.
  • Portability Plus - Your Mirage pop-up unit packs into a pair of wheeled, hard-side cases for easy loading and transport. Once you've unloaded the pop-up, the cases can be turned into a branded desk or table using an optional tabletop and magnetic side graphics. The top fits over both cases, and the magnetic custom graphics disguise the cases for the duration of the show.
  • An Accessory For Every Purpose - The entire Mirage line was designed to offer the most versatility possible. No matter what your business or product, you'll find the perfect way to showcase it using the Mirage system. Set up shelving for retail merchandise, workstations for an interactive experience, or tables for product demos. If your display includes multimedia, you can use Mirage Monitor Mount to place a pair of 15-pound flat panel monitors or up to four 10-pound monitors on one 10-foot Mirage backwall.
  • Future Expansion - When you are ready to upgrade your booth display even further, your Mirage unit can play a key role in that expanded display. You can combine three Mirage units back to back to create an island in the center of your booth space, which creates an eye-catching space with 3 different areas you can use to showcase different products, or set up product demos in one, meet and greet space in another, and sales and closing space in the third. Another option is to use the optional convex graphics panels on the back of each of three or four Mirage units to create walls loosely enclosing your booth space.

Using Mirage Pop-Up Displays, Connecticut Customers Enjoy Endless Options

The frames of Mirage displays include a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that they'll be with you long enough to try all of the possibilities. Skyline Displays of Connecticut provides one-stop solutions for trade show marketing, including training and strategy, asset management, and logistics. For full service sales support, custom graphics, and, of course, pop-up displays, Connecticut exhibitors can contact Skyline Displays online or by phone at 860-635-2400.

Pop-Up Displays Connecticut
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