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With Shapes Banner Stands, Hartford Exhibitors Grab Notice

May 02, 2016

With Shapes Banner Stands, Hartford Exhibitors Create Attention-Grabbing Displays

Using Skyline's Shapes banner stands, Hartford exhibitors are finding more creative ways to create a display that grabs their prospects' attention, indoors and out. Shapes can be used to create a dramatic backwall inside a trade show booth or as stand-alone banner stands that really get you message noticed. Shapes banner stands feature two-layered graphics that give dimension, and offer more surface area for your visual branding and message. The clean, contemporary look of Shapes makes it stand out, no matter where you place them.
  • Extreme Portability - A  single Shapes banner stand packs into an individual tube, which can easily be carried onto a plane or transported in any car. A 10-foot backwall made of Shapes is comprised of three units, which can be transported in individual cases, or all together in an optional wheeled case, which doubles as a desk after the stands are unpacked. The banners themselves are retractable, so they are safely protected against damage during transport.
  • Set-Up In Minutes - One person can set up an entire Shapes backwall alone, with no tools, in a matter of minutes. The banner poles are shock-corded for convenience, and the banners simply pull up and hook onto the pole arms. Gallery lights are built into the arms , too, so even lighting is no hassle at all. Pop, pull, plug in the lights, and you're ready for a great day at your trade show!
  • Quick-Change - The banners are in cartridges that click onto each base, so when you want to change banners, a couple of quick clicks does the job: Again, no tools required. The two-layered graphics offer a lot of opportunities for creativity, and changing one layer and leaving the other in place is an economical way to update your booth's look. The bottom layer is a full-sized rectangular banner, while the top layer is sculpted into your choice of stock shapes to reveal the graphic beneath.
  • Modular Use - Although Shapes make a brilliant-looking backwall, they're also highly effective when used as individual banner stands. You can use them on the aisle in your booth to make announcements, place them in aisles or hallways to attract traffic to your booth or increase your brand exposure. Use them to announce special events like celebrity appearances, product demonstrations, contests, or new product rollouts, so people will know that something noteworthy is happening at your booth. Banner stands are also particularly effective when placed in areas like the coffee bar, food court, or outdoor patio: Places where people will slow down and stay put for a few minutes.

You Don't Have To Sacrifice Professional Image To Go Portable

Every business that is involved with trade show marketing knows that your image is everything. That said, not every business involved in trade show marketing has the budget or manpower available to send a huge structural display requiring professional installation to every show. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of using Shapes banner stands. Hartford exhibitors can contact Skyline Displays of Connecticut online or by phone at 860-635-2400 to learn how Skyline can help your business design your most effective banner stand display, and much more.

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