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Wow The Crowd With Your Trade Show Display In Hartford

December 02, 2015

Make Major Crowd Impact With Your Trade Show Display In Hartford

Here at Skyline Connecticut, we have seen firsthand how working a trade show display in Hartford can generate significant crowd excitement. An exhibition offers entrepreneurs in every industry the opportunity to extend the reach of their brand and get their products into the hands of consumers who may never have found their business through other marketing strategies. Best of all, a trade show display in Hartford allows business owners to check out the competition and find out just how their product line measures up compared to other industry benchmarks.

Maximize Results With Your Trade Show Display In Hartford

Despite the potential benefits offered at an exhibit, some entrepreneurs leave the event feeling frustrated and discouraged. Why? Because their trade show display in Hartford somehow failed to grab the attention of the wondering crowd.
If you feel like your brand somehow falls short with the live event crowd, you may need to reinvent some of your exhibit strategies. When realigning your trade show execution, you may want consider these tips to make major crowd impact at your next event:
Using Signage
If you are currently using banner stands as part of your comprehensive display; a customized banner stands can complement your brand identity by using the same color palette, marketing messages, and images. Beyond surface esthetics, when strategically placed throughout the venue, banner stands can also direct the crowd to your exhibit.
Choose The Right Graphics
Some business owners assume that they should include graphics of all of their products; however, overcrowding your display with every item you offer can make your business seem unorganized and actually deter your audience from visiting your both. Choose your most popular/distinctive products to display throughout the stand. Bonus tip: only use high quality, high-resolution graphics to make the best visual impact possible.
Eye-Catching Carpeting
If you want to instantly stand out from the crowd visually, use brightly colored carpeting on the floor outside of your display. A bold rug can grab attention from across the venue and pique the interest of guests as they make their way towards your exhibit.
Make It Fun
Yes, you will want to use the time you have with visitors to inform them about your core capabilities and offerings. However, you don't want to miss out on an opportunity to make their experience at your booth memorable. Create a contest, hold a raffle, run a scavenger hunt, anything to get the crowd buzzing about your exhibit. This helps your business make a great first impression when they visit.
Follow Up
Many entrepreneurs miss out on the biggest opportunity to make an impact with a prospect they meet at a trade show: following up! All too often, garnered leads get stored in a company database with no plan for reconnecting. Taking the time to follow up with the people you meet at your trade show display in Hartford can instantly set you apart from other organizations, and maximize your brand's impact.
If you are experiencing lackluster trade show results, we can help. Contact Skyline Connecticut today for more information.

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