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3 In-Demand Trade Show Booths - Which Is Best For Your Business?

June 15, 2017

3 In-Demand Trade Show Booths - Which Is Best For Your Business?

Many companies benefit from exhibiting at events of all kinds. These events allow exhibitors to promote products and services, present their brands, and engage with potential customers. There is a variety of exhibiting products as well as hundreds of designs available to those who are interested in exhibiting. Trade show booths can generally be broken down into three main categories. Below, we will describe the three most in-demand trade show booths so that you can choose the best fit for your company.

#1 - Custom island exhibits are perfect for industry leaders and companies that want to have a large presence.

Custom island exhibits are the largest type of exhibit, typically ranging in size from 20' x 20' to 30' x 30'. With such an unmistakable presence, these exhibits allow companies to easily attract the attention of their desired audience. The excess space allows for greater creativity in terms of design elements and custom graphics. There is plenty of space to host games, activities, and other interactive elements.

Custom island exhibits require professional installation, allowing exhibitors to arrive to an event with an exhibit that is already set up and ready to go. Choosing a provider that is known for lightweight, durable, compact components will ultimately save your company money on shipping and storage.

#2 - Modular inline trade show booths are an excellent medium-size choice.

Modular inline displays provide more of a presence than portable displays, but they do not require as much professional assistance as an island exhibit. They allow companies to present their brand using high design and structure. Though they require some tools to assemble, they are still lightweight and pack up small, making them easy to transport.

Modular inline displays also provide structural support, enabling companies to add accessories to the booth, such as shelves and flat screens. The booth components are versatile in the sense that their design enables pieces to be added at any time. This gives businesses the ability to make their booth bigger for certain events if so desired. Modular inline displays are also available for rental, which is an ideal scenario for businesses that change their look often.

#3 - Portable displays are effective and budget-friendly.

Portable systems provide businesses with the opportunity to represent their brand well while keeping costs low. This type of do-it-yourself display can save an exhibitor money since the exhibitor can realistically store, transport and install the display without the need for professional services.

A portable display is typically light in weight, packs small, and is durable. It can be designed with engaging custom graphics to capture the attention of attendees. Types of portable systems include tabletop, pop up, backwall, and banner stands. There is even a kind of display that inflates at the press of a button, saving your team valuable time that can be spent interacting with potential customers.

When deciding between trade show booths, choose the best fit for your brand and budget. Keep in mind that renting is also a viable option.

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