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4 Different Ways to Use Banner Stands at Gulf Coast Events

March 19, 2015

As an exhibitor, one of your responsibilities is to use every resource possible to reach your audience with the message of your brand. Banner stands are one such resource that have stood the test of time. Though banner stands have been around for a long time, many exhibitors may tend to overlook their value. Banner stands offer a unique versatility that allows exhibitors to use them in a variety of ways. In this review, we will discuss four different ways you can use banner stands at Gulf Coast trade shows and events.
#1 - Feature a new or improved product.
Is your company launching a brand new product? Perhaps you have made some improvements to an existing product. Banner stands at Gulf Coast shows provide a great opportunity for promoting such products. You can include an image of the product on the banner stand. If you are handing out free samples of the product, you could even include large, noticeable text on the banner stand letting attendees know that you are offering free samples.
#2 - Direct event attendees toward your booth.
Directing foot traffic is another way you can use banner stands at Gulf Coast events. This comes in handy in a couple of ways. First, individual exhibitors can use banner stands to direct traffic to their trade show displays by advertising things like product demonstration, activities, giveaways, and more. Second, using banner stands to direct traffic is helpful for those staffers who are putting on the trade show or event itself. They can direct attendees to registration tables or other important places throughout the show.
#3 - Promote your company’s website or social media.
Is one of your primary goals to drive trade show attendees to your website and social media platforms? If so, take advantage of banner stands at Gulf Coast events to promote your website. You can reinforce the website promotion and make it more memorable for attendees by also handing out promotional materials featuring your website’s URL on it. For example, if someone sees your URL on a banner stand and then also receives a pen or stress ball with your URL on it, he or she is probably more likely to remember it after the event.
#4 - Appeal to a new segment of the market.
It’s common for businesses to grow and change over time. Sometimes changes include trying to appeal to an entirely new market segment. This might mean you are introducing a new product or service. It also might just mean you are trying to angle an existing product or service in a way that is appealing to the desired market segment. Banner stands can help you do this. The designs, images, text, and colors you feature on banner stands at Gulf Coast events can help capture the attention of your desired audience and intrigue them to find out more about your company.
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