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6 Decisions To Make When Designing Houston Portable Displays

December 17, 2014

Many companies take advantage of using trade show products to present their brands. There are a variety of trade show products to choose from, including island exhibits, modular inline exhibits, and portable displays. Once a trade show product has been chosen, the next step is the design process. There are many decisions that must be made throughout the design process. Below, we will discuss six decisions that have to be made when designing Houston portable displays.
#1 - Considering Which Vendor To Use
The first decision that must be made is quite simple. A company has to decide which trade show product provider they want to partner with. This is a very important decision, because the quality and effectiveness of the display will have everything to do with the company that made it. It is best to choose a reputable provider that offers a full range of high-quality trade show products and services, such as asset management.
#2 - Deciding On Style
When designing Houston portable displays, another key decision to be made is the overall look that you want the displays to have. Do you want them to be colorful and vibrant? Do you want them to be sleek and sharp? What design ideas and colors best represent your company?
#3 - Crafting A Message To Convey
Exhibitors must also ask themselves - what is the primary message we wish to be conveyed through our Houston portable displays? Do you want to focus on an upcoming new product? Do you want to convey general information about your company and the products and services you provide? This decision is very much determined by the characteristics of your company, such as how long you have been around, how much brand recognition you have, and whether you are an industry leader or not. The power of Houston portable displays is that they can convey virtually any message you desire.

#4 - Choosing The Type Of Portable Display
Within the category of portable displays there are several different options. These options include table top displays, pop up displays, back wall displays, and banner stands. Now that you have chosen the look you want and the message to convey, you can select the type of portable display that fits your preferences best.  
#5 - Selecting Accessories
The great thing about trade show products is that they can all be altered and customized to fit your company's needs most adequately. For example, you have the option to add accessories to Houston portable displays. Accessories such as tablets, displays, or even a small sound system can really enhance the effectiveness of Houston portable displays.
#6 - To Rent Or Buy?
Finally, not only do you have to choose the theme, message, and type of Houston portable displays you want to use, but you also have to decide whether you want to rent or buy them. There are pros and cons to each. Your team must determine which option best fits your budget. One benefit of renting is that it provides you with greater flexibility. Also, if you choose to buy a few Houston portable displays to start out, keep in mind that you can always add to them later. Renting is a great option if you have a special event where you want your display to be even bigger.
If you are interested in renting or purchasing Houston portable displays, contact Skyline Displays of Houston today for more information.

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