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6 Questions To Ask When Creating Your Corporate Banner Stands

December 08, 2017

6 Questions To Ask When Creating Your Corporate Banner Stands

Banner stands offer a versatile, relatively inexpensive way for business owners to make their grand entrance at a trade show event. Coming in a diverse array of styles and shapes, you and your team will have the option of creating customized, premium quality banner stands to ‘wow’ virtually any live event crowd. Simply setting up banner stands and a side table often proves enough for maximizing brand impact amongst any targeted demographic.

Know These Important Inquiries When Choosing Your Final Design Team

The biggest component to finding success with your corporate signs is finding the right design team to partner with for your final look. With so many design firms to choose from, selecting a quality company who can fulfill all of your needs can prove a struggle, even for veteran exhibitors. Don't spin wheels and waste time randomly picking your provider out of the proverbial hat. If you're worried about choosing a quality design firm to entrust with your business, knowing a few key questions can give you clarity and peace of mind before you make a final decision.

Some Of These Critical Inquiries Include:

1. What Kind Of Shapes Or Styles Do You Offer?

Modern banner stands come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and styles. A quality vendor will offer an extensive range of sizes and styles so you can pick the perfect fit for your business.

2. What Are Your Dimension Options?

Beyond shape and style, you will also want to know the dimensions of your signs and banner stands. Having a wide variety of sizes means that you will be able to arrange your floor plan layout accordingly at every live event function.

3. What Is Your Product Warranty?

Any of your live event marketing products will endure potential wear and tear on the road from event to event. You will want to know that you and your team are covered should something break that is not your fault. Ask up front about the product warranty so you can know what to expect.

4. What Materials Are Used For Your Printed Image?

Banner stands can come in various materials, each touting its own distinctive advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the type of materials used can help you determine the quality of the printed image as well as how long it will last, without showing signs of deterioration.

5. Do You Use A Protective Coating Over The Finished Product?

As the name implies, a protective coating can help protect your banner stands and ensure long term use and performance. Ask whether the firm uses an liquid laminate to guarantee the protection of your signs.

6. At What Resolution Do You Print?

Once again, image quality can have the biggest impact on the overall look and performance of your banner stands. The higher the resolution, the better the quality on the final images placed on your corporate signs. Look for a firm that, at minimum, prints at 720 DPI for a design that looks professional and makes your company look like the industry leading trendsetter that it is.

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