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Countdown To Success With Your Gulf Coast Trade Show Exhibits

August 24, 2015

Countdown To Success with your Gulf Coast Trade Show Exhibits

Do you feel like your team just isn’t optimizing success with your Gulf Coast trade show exhibits? You may need to up your pre-game preparation plan. Many entrepreneurs only start prepping for an event a few weeks before the show itself. However, in order to truly maximize the benefits of using Gulf Coast trade show exhibits, you should begin planning as early as six to twelve months before a function.
Are you overwhelmed by just the thought of planning Gulf Coast trade show exhibits even six twelve months in advance, let alone twelve? Don't be; following a simple schedule can give you and your team all the focus they will need to reap optimal ROI with every event.
Here's your trade show countdown to success:
6-12 Months Before
Here is when the preliminary planning starts. First and foremost: determine your budget for the upcoming exhibiting season. Additionally, this is when you will want to carefully screen through which events you will attend. Getting organized this far in advance will help you save money and avoid late fees. It also allows you to carefully choose your specific booth spaces and locations.
4 Months Before
Now is the time to carefully outline your exhibitor strategy for every upcoming event. Yes, you will have some universal goals and strategies to implement at each function; however, you will also want to zero in on some distinctive objectives based on what individual shows have to offer.
3 Months Before
This is when you need to create the teams of employees that will be running your booths for every upcoming event you plan to attend. You will want to create their schedules now, so you can iron out any issues or conflicts ahead of time. Additionally, you will want to coordinate your marketing materials and handouts, as well as line up any outside suppliers needed for these functions. Make sure you label the marketing materials and handouts that are specific to each function to avoid confusion or a costly mistake!
6-8 Weeks Before
The show is quickly approaching! At this point you should have confirmation on all marketing materials you will use for the exhibit, including any pre-event advertising. Press releases, website updates and your social media pages should all have detailed information on where you will be, incentives you will offer and any other reasons why your followers will want to check you out. Now is also the time to confirm any required show services for your organization.
3-4 Weeks Before
Send your customer and prospect invitations. Confirm your list of guests and schedule meetings in advance with both clients and affiliates throughout the event. Verify any shipping needs you have. You will also want to prep and train your staff to ensure they can handle whatever comes their way during the live function.
1-2 Weeks Before
You are officially in the "Crunch Time Zone." Gather up any needed supplies and confirm all travel arrangements and hotel accommodations for your team. If you run an e-commerce business, you will also want to ensure that you have a working payment system and that it will function properly at the event.
Get to the venue as early as possible to give your Gulf Coast Show trade show exhibits a final look before guests arrive. Use this time to pick up any needed badges, set up your literature displays and even peruse the room to see where your competition will exhibit, so you can maximize your organization’s unique advantages.
Preparing for a trade show well in advance can save you time, money and truly maximize your return on investment at any given show. In addition to advance preparation, partner with Skyline Houston to create compelling and innovative Gulf Coast trade show exhibits that will dazzle any audience. Contact our team of design specialists today for more information.

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