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Designing A Banner For Your Brand And Image

December 16, 2016

Designing A Banner For Your Brand And Image

Banners are versatile and effective media for trade show exhibitors. They can be used for anything from creating a backwall to highlighting new products, announcing special events in your booth, or attracting traffic to your booth, by placing them in other locations throughout the venue. The effectiveness of your banners at conveying your brand image and building recognition of your visual branding depends almost entirely on using good design and avoiding common design mistakes.

  • Less Is More - Banners are extremely well suited to visual messages, and rather poorly suited to displaying large blocks of texts or complicated graphics. Clean, simple design makes banners that will convey your message to visitors in a memorable way, because it presents them with something they can absorb almost instantly. A single large, high-resolution photo or graphic is a good start. Add your logo near the top, and if your logo doesn't include your company's name, include that, as well. Beyond that, the less text the better. One or two words in a large, heavy font that visitors can read from a distance can carry a great deal of impact. If a visitor needs to stop walking to read the text, you've got too much text or your font is too small or light.
  • Consistency Is King - Developing a recognizable brand and logo takes consistency. You should have a brand package that specifies colors, fonts, sizes and versions of your logo that are approved for use. It's critical not only that your designs stick to those specifications, but that you also use high-quality materials and premium printing to ensure that what you design is what ends up on your banner. Low quality printing and materials can result in muddy colors, text that's not crisp, and graphics like your logo appearing "fuzzy" and more difficult to recognize. 
  • Creativity Is Good…To A Point - All this discussion of the strict requirements of branding do not mean that you can't be creative with your banner designs; you just need to be wise in your creative decisions. Your logo and company name should always appear in their "standard" colors and fonts, no matter what the design. Beyond those elements, there's plenty of room to vary graphics and colors; split images over a series of banner stands, which gives you an opportunity to add a different word or short piece of text on each banner; or use an image with selective color, where most of the image is black and white, but certain elements, like your product, are in color.

Need Help Designing A Banner For Your Brand?

Skyline Exhibits can help you develop your branding package and your banner design with our professional design services. We've also got a wide range of banner shapes and stands, so you can create banners that uniquely represent your brand and image.

Designing A Banner For Your Brand
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