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Double Your Message Impact With Paired Banner Stands

March 22, 2017

Double Your Message Impact With Paired Banner Stands

The possible uses of banner stands in a trade show exhibit are nearly endless. They're often used by themselves to call out the selling points of a featured product or to draw attention to a new product or line. In groups, they can be used to create a portable backwall for an exhibit booth or to tell a brand story in a set of related graphics or photos. If you'd like more space than a single vertical banner affords, but don't have space or budget for three or more, there are some highly effective design techniques for creating paired banner stand displays.

  • Simply Stunning - Vertical banners on banner stands place large display surfaces at eye levels for visitors, and with some simple but effective design, that large area can be effectively doubled, to stunning effect. The simplest way is to start with a large, high-resolution photo or professionally scaled graphic and split it between two banners. Place them side by side for a massive visual, angle the banner stands slightly toward each other for a sense of depth in the combined image, or, in some cases, leaving a small gap between the banner stands creates a dramatic and attention-grabbing effect. If you're using text in your design, be aware that American readers tend to read top to bottom, left to right, and they're likely to stop at the edge of a banner, unless you design it to pull their eye across to the next banner. Before you order printing of your banner design, make sure to misread it deliberately to check for any likely misunderstandings that are awkward or inappropriate.
  • Add The Unexpected - By editing your images and text, you can make your meaning more clear and add an unexpected element to make visitors take notice. To clarify text that spans both banners, use a different color on each line of text, so readers will follow the colored line to the end before moving down to the next line. When it comes to editing your images, color editing can create a striking image. Inverse colors create visual interest while remaining harmonious. As an example, imagine an egg shape spilt vertically with one half on each banner. On one banner, the background may be royal blue and the egg-half in bright yellow; on the other banner, the background would be bright yellow with the half-egg in royal blue.
  • Upscale Everything - The most successful banner designs are simple and free of visual clutter. Designing a single banner that includes your branding, message, and an impressive image in a clean presentation is a challenge. By using paired banner stands, though, one banner can include your logo and message in super-size, while the other displays a large, bold, uninterrupted graphic.

How Can Banner Stands Improve Your Trade Show Marketing?

For innovative ideas and expert design services, along with premium vertical banners and banner stands, Houston area exhibitors depend on Skyline Houston. Let us help you improve your trade show marketing success with banners custom-designed to support your specific brand and products.

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