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Drive More Traffic to Your Trade Show Stand in Houston

April 11, 2018

Drive More Traffic to Your Trade Show Stand in Houston

Preparing for your next trade show event is an exciting experience. The anticipation of the crowds, the energy felt in the air, and the opportunity to showcase your products is a great driving force to demonstrate what your brand is capable of. To truly make your trade show experience a successful one, is to get leads that justify attending this particular trade show.

There are a variety of ways to generate leads at your next trade show appearance, but you first have to bring the trade show attendees to your booth. You have to ask yourself what has worked at previous trade shows, what were your booth’s visitors most impressed with and are you adequately prepared to present your products in an engaging manner?

Many of these questions can be answered during preparation and by going over your numbers of leads from previous shows. If some of these questions don’t have any answers, begin tallying or documenting reasons your booth received its visitors at your upcoming trade show. This will help you strategize in the future and take advantage of the aspects of your trade show outing you deemed a success.

What Can You Do to Attract more Attendees to Your Trade Show Stand?

Pre-planning can go a long way in regards to your trade show performance and success. One of the most effective approaches you can take is a proactive one and this includes knowing as much as you possibly can about your upcoming trade show. How many businesses are exhibiting? Are any of these businesses direct competitors? Will your target market be in attendance? Asking these questions before you book your booth can save you time and a headache if the venue is geared towards a different audience. If this is the right event for you, you can begin your campaign to bring in traffic before your next trade show.

Take Advantage of Digital Platforms

Before your next trade show, utilize all the tools you have at your disposal to reach out to current, former, and new potential clients to help increase the buzz around your products and services. You can reach out to clients that have provided emails through email blasts as they are effective and inexpensive. Make them interesting and creative to generate excitement and you already know these individuals are interested in your products and can help bring traffic to your booth.

If your business has social media accounts, use them. This is a great opportunity to reach out to people who are currently not clients and to advertise to your target audience. When it comes to Twitter, you can check if the trade show has a hashtag associated with their venue and use that in tweets. Be sure to include images, descriptions, and videos of your products if possible.

During the Show

Your booth staff should be up to date with all the details pertaining to your new products and services. Providing insightful and detailed responses to questions is a great way to establish your expertise on your products and why they are needed. It is also important to have “uniforms” that are branded with the same color scheme to increase your brand’s recognition during the show and if you or one of your staffers are away from the booth, you provided a visual that will highlight what individuals need to look for when walking through the venue. This can drive traffic to your booth and turn into leads.

Have a visually appealing trade show stand can go a long way. Of course, this is a before the show aspect of preparation, but it will still draw in foot traffic to your booth presenting you with plenty of opportunities to find new leads. You want your trade show stand to clearly display and convey your marketing message. This will reveal more about your company and what it provides, while appealing to trade show attendees.

Offer incentives at your booth if possible. You can turn around and then post on social media that you are offering incentives to create excitement about your trade show stand and bring in people to your booth. Many exhibitors will post live to keep people informed about what is happening at their booths. Make your post and incentives stand out so you will too.

Skyline Trade Show Stands in Houston

To learn more about trade show stands in Houston give Skyline Displays of Houston a call at 713-939-1775 or send an email to info@skylinehouston.com.

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