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Houston Trade Show Exhibits: How Do I Choose?

January 16, 2018

Houston Trade Show Exhibits: How Do I Choose?

This next trade show is a big one for your company. You want to expand your reach and get your name out there by demonstrating the quality and importance of your products and services. This is your first chance to do just that and you want to do it right, but you find yourself unsure of where to start. Who creates the best trade show exhibits for my company? Which exhibit will suit my products best and display my brand name in a way that I can be proud of? I have a great product but how do I get all of these attendees to notice me?

These questions and many more are natural, possibly reflexive for many business owners and their employees when planning for an upcoming event, regardless of their trade show experience. Making a great first impression is important and that impression can go a long way in terms of converting trade show attendees into clients.

Picking the right trade show exhibit to accomplish your goals and represent your brand can be tough. Breaking down all the exhibits is one of the best ways to identify what you will need in regards to size, add ons, styles, functionality, colors and more.

Skyline’s Houston Trade Show Exhibits: A Break Down

For their nearly 40 years in the trade show industry, Skyline has worked vigorously on their trade show exhibits to create highly functional, durable, and visually appealing exhibits. The selection is vast and each exhibit serves a different purpose.

Portable Displays

One of Skyline’s most convenient types of displays are the portable displays. These are the ideal option for the do it yourself exhibitor. These portable trade show exhibits are lightweight and make for easy setup and take down. Skyline will help you choose the best portable display system based on your goals and objectives. The portable displays from skyline are also durable and designed to endure years of trade show events. This isn’t the case for competitors that offer cheap portable displays, which won’t last as long, leaving you looking for your next display and spending money sooner than expected.

Modular Inline Displays

Skyline’s modular inline displays are perhaps one of the most customizable Houston trade show exhibits. They are also convenient, despite their size. The modular components are lightweight, which will help you save on shipping, drayage, and storage costs. Skyline modular displays have great structural support. In fact, they are designed to support necessary components like shelving, flat screens, and computers. The Skyline modular inline displays are designed for quicker and easier installation over other competing systems.

Custom Island Displays

Custom island exhibits utilize the same premise as the modular inline displays. Utilizing the modular technology, you are able to get a highly customizable exhibit. These exhibits weigh 60% less than the competing displays thanks in part to the lightweight nature of the modules. This helps you save money and increases your return on investment. With Skyline’s never-ending drive to create outstanding and long-lasting exhibits, they have achieved over 100 patents. They are always looking for ways to improve your image through hard work and the desire to create trade show exhibits that look good, save you time and money, and will last you for years.

Skyline Houston Trade Show Exhibits

If you need help deciding on the right trade show exhibit for you and your brand, call Skyline Houston today at 713-939-1775 to speak with an informative representative who can help you choose the ideal trade show exhibit for you. You can also email Skyline at info@skylinehouston.com.

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