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How Gulf Coast Portable Displays Can Help Your Business Grow

October 16, 2014

Developing a growth strategy is essential for companies that want to thrive. Businesses require growth in order to compete effectively, keep their stakeholders happy, and draw exceptional talent. Companies must not only strive for growth in and of itself, but for profitable growth. Marketing allows companies to recognize, analyze, and choose certain growth opportunities as well as develop strategies for obtaining them. Below, we will discuss how Gulf Coast portable displays, such as table top displays and banner stands, can help your company pursue profitable growth.
Market Penetration
Market penetration involves increasing sales to current customers without any change to your products. Gulf Coast portable displays are an excellent way to increase sales to your current customers. Because these display systems are lightweight, compact, and easy to install and dismantle, they can virtually be transported anywhere with minimal cost. You can increase advertising initiatives in malls, businesses, sporting events, or wherever your target market is. Increasing your advertising initiatives with visible displays will keep your product and services at the forefront of the consumers' minds, making them more likely to purchase from you versus your competitors.
Market Development
Market development refers to when a company identifies and develops new market segments for its current products. Maybe in the past, your company has primarily sold to a small segment of the market, but you are considering entering another segment. Gulf Coast portable displays can help you make this transition. Even when the product is exactly the same, the way you market to one segment versus another may be completely different based on the needs, wants, and demographics of that segment.
Gulf Coast portable displays, such as banner stands and air-powered displays, can be customized to appeal to the new segment of the market that you are entering. For example, if the main concern of the new segment is product quality, you can design portable displays that are focused on the superior quality of your products. When designing portable displays, you can choose from a variety of design ideas, making it easier than ever to appeal to new market segments.
Product Development
Product development involves offering new or enhanced products to current market segments. What better way to let your current customers know about new and improved products than with Gulf Coast portable displays? Create a fleet of banner stands that can be placed in multiple locations to get the word out and build buzz for brand new products. You can also use innovative, portable air-powered displays to present new products or services at trade shows and other industry events. Portable displays are designed in such a way that it is easy to change out their graphics and messages, allowing you the flexibility to advertise new products as they are developed.
Lastly, Gulf Coast portable displays can assist your company with diversification. If you are starting up or acquiring businesses outside of your current products and markets, get the word out with table top displays and other portable systems. Let both current and new customers know about your exciting new ventures.
If you are interested in renting or purchasing trade show products, contact Skyline Displays of Houston today for more information.

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