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How To (And Not To) Customize Banner Stands For Your Brand

September 19, 2016

How To (And Not To) Customize Banner Stands For Your Brand

Banner stands are a trade show staple for good reason; they're an effective way to communicate a message, to boost your brand or product recognition, to attract traffic to your booth, and to encourage people to share your company and products on social media. There are smart ways to customize banner stands for your brand image and message, and plenty of pitfalls that can lead to failure for the intended purpose of your banners. We've got some smart design advice to help you create banners that reflect your unique branding and attract (positive) notice from trade show visitors.
  • Less Is More - It's a common temptation to try to include too much information on a single banner or to place too many banner stands too close together. Unfortunately, both of these things just lead to visual overload for the viewer, and will ultimately result in a mental rejection of your message. Keep banner designs simple, so the viewer can take in its message without effort. Use a large, clear photograph or graphical image, place your logo near the top, and use as few words as possible to convey your message. If the viewer has to stop walking to read the words on your banner, you've got too many words. Use large, bold fonts in easy-to-read colors, and include lots of white space around the text.
  • Stay On Message - In this case, "on message" refers to more than just words. Make sure your custom-branded banner stands are consistent in color, style, and tone with your visual branding package, so you create a uniform feel for your visitors. You can effectively play on themes and create variation, as long as you stay true to the overall flavor of your visual branding and don't dilute its recognizability.
  • Create Something Post-Worthy - If your marketing goals include stimulating social media sharing, you can customize banner stands to create something people will want to share on social media, along with your branding. You can encourage sharing with a contest or treasure hunt where visitors search the venue for a set of your banner stands, or you can create a single-banner spectacle that people won't be able to resist sharing. Be sure that the spectacle you create is in keeping with the image you are building for your brand, and that it doesn't include anything that could backfire on you; the Internet never forgets.

Skyline Offers Design Services To Customize Banner Stands For Your Brand

In addition to our selection of banner stand styles, Skyline Houston offers design services, professional photography, marketing and branding services to help you create custom banners that help your brand and products attract notice and traffic. Contact us for a consultation and estimate on your own customized banner stands.

Customize banner stands for your brand
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