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How To Increase Traffic At Gulf Coast Trade Show Booths

April 18, 2016

How To Increase Traffic At Gulf Coast Trade Show Booths

So you've designed the perfect display, you've tapped your best salespeople, and you're ready to head out to a convention in the Gulf Coast. Trade show booths don't attract attendees all by themselves, though. You'll need to plan a strategy in advance to increase foot traffic to your stand. Don't make the mistake of assuming that the show's organizers will direct the attendees; instead, be proactive. Try these techniques and you'll draw people in like moths to a flame.
Contact Attendees In Advance
Did you know that the majority of convention attendees make a list in advance of the Gulf Coast trade show booths they plan to visit? In order to reach their goals more efficiently, they'll plan out who they want to visit and when so that they can get their business done quickly. Unless you happen to be on that list, the chances they'll stop by your display are slim.
To combat this, try these tactics. First, contact all of your regular clients and let them know what upcoming conventions you're planning to exhibit at, so that they know you'll be there and can plan to pay a visit. Secondly, ask the convention's organizers for a list of registered attendees. If you've paid for a space at the show, most organizers will allow you to have this information. Try to find out how many of those attendees might be interested in your business and reach out to them in advance of the expo.
Stand Out From The Crowd
Not only should Gulf Coast trade show booths be eye-catching, but your staff should be too. Don't make the mistake of putting everyone in drab grey shirts that blend in with the background. Try bright colors and fun patterns. You could even come up with a fun costume for everyone to wear! Just make sure all of your employees are on board with this. Making your staff feel uncomfortable and self-conscious is not the road to success.

Don't Rely On Luck At Gulf Coast Trade Show Booths

Above all, when it comes to driving traffic to your stand, don't be passive. Get your staff out on the floor talking to people to draw them in, or consider hiring a temp to pull in the crowds while your sales staff are doing what they do best: selling! A well-placed gimmick or giveaway can also do wonders to attract attention. Try to avoid the old standbys like pens and keychains and go for something a little more creative to make people want to see what else you have to offer.
At expos in the Gulf Coast, trade show booths don't work themselves. You can't just stand at the display and wait for people to walk in. Instead, do some advance preparation and plan to stand out. Don't count on the expo's management to direct foot traffic; go out and get it for yourself.
For more tips on how to drive traffic to your Gulf Coast trade show booths, contact Skyline Houston at (713) 939-1775 or info@skylinehouston.com.

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