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Key Ways To Ensure Your Team Minds Their Manners At Your Trade Show Booth In Houston

September 18, 2015

Key Ways To Ensure Your Team Minds Their Manners At Your Trade Show Booth In Houston

Success at any Houston event relies on two critical factors. The first? Displaying a trade show booth in Houston that truly stands out from the event crowd. With so many exhibitors vying for attention, having an innovative, visually compelling trade show booth in Houston can propel any business to the venue foreground and help an organization command event attention.

Train Event Etiquette For Maximum Results At Your Trade Show Booth In Houston

While your trade show booth in Houston will help you solicit initial crowd attention, an eye-catching stand alone will do little to help you keep it; in order to truly maximize every guest encounter during a function, you must have a well-trained team manning the stand at all times. What is the key ingredient to your team's overall event success? Working closely with your staff members so they understand how important event etiquette, a.k.a. minding their business manners, really is.
If you’re not quite sure how to put together your team's "mind your manners" strategy, outlining a few important factors can help make etiquette a top priority throughout any function. The first thing to roll out to the team is a detailed schedule. Many business owners simply assume that their employees will all pitch in to help man the booth. However, this often means some individuals do the majority of the work, while others take in the sights around the venue location. Creating a schedule for everyone to know when they are expected for booth coverage instantly eliminates the possibility of bad manners amongst themselves.

How To Effectively Engage With The Crowd At Your Exhibit

Of course, your team will also want to demonstrate proper etiquette with outsider visitors as well. Where should you start with this training? Two words: body language. The body language exhibited by your team will have the biggest influence on whether visitors stop to engage or walk by as quickly as possible to a more inviting stand. Work with your team to recognize how crossed arms, scowling faces, and no eye contact can make guests feel unwanted. Role-play potential game day situations so they know how to convey positive body language, respect personal space boundaries and maintain consistent eye contact for the best results possible.
Beyond body language, you should also practice ways to demonstrate pleasant professionalism at all times. The team does not need to have every answer to every question; however, they should have a solid command of what your business does as well as how to articulately convey that information to visitors. Also, your employees should know that just pitching to guests can instantly make visitors feel uncomfortable. Encourage your team to create a dialogue with the crowd full of open-ended questions.
Most importantly, make sure your team understands the importance of listening. Take notes about specific questions and requests if needed. Effective listening will ensure that all of your guests feel valued and will reinforce your brand as an organization that respects its customers.
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