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Make Industry Stats Work For You At Your Healthcare Trade Show Exhibit

May 18, 2017

Make Industry Stats Work For You At Your Healthcare Trade Show Exhibit

Trade show attendance by both exhibitors and visitors declined over the last few years as the country climbed out of recession. In the healthcare industry, attendance is back to 2007 levels at the top 50 industry-related expos, while the trade show exhibit numbers are up 27% according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR). Many healthcare exhibitors are holding firm on the number of expositions they choose to participate in, as they watch trends in the industry.

ROI Defined For Healthcare Attendees

Exhibitors want a high rate of return on their investment in industry exhibits, the same general goal that attendees have. However, how each group perceives ROI varies. Especially for events that physicians attended, the most attractive element of the shows was conference programming and educational opportunities. In a recent report released by Tradeshow Week Executive Outlook, the top five reasons attendees offered for event attendance were:

  • 92.5%   Educational opportunities
  • 67%      City location
  • 42%      Featured conference speakers
  • 33%      Exhibits
  • 33%      Networking opportunities

A top-quality expo for a prime attendee at a health-related event equates to the opportunity to acquire new knowledge about products and services in a convenient location.

ROI Defined For Healthcare Exhibitors

Exhibitors, on the other hand, are highly focused on increasing current and future sales. They list their goals as:

  • 100%    Creating and increasing brand awareness
  • 91%      Increasing sales
  • 91%      Acquiring leads
  • 64%      Launching new products and services
  • 55%      Enhancing product knowledge and understanding

Bridging The Gap

Healthcare exhibitors bridge the gap between their goals and those of attendees through their marketing approaches and their trade show exhibit design. Their purpose on the expo circuit is create awareness of their products and services, the first step to sales. However, they are finding more ways to do it then by just placing representatives and a pile of brochures in the booth. Instead, they are focusing their marketing on providing learning experiences for attendees, either through events or interactive displays, and rank their strategies as follows:

  • 82%      Providing education and information-focused experiences
  • 64%      Offering interactive product experience events
  • 55%      Using technology elements to enhance events
  • 27%      Holding contests
  • 18%      Influencer events and experiences

Tips For A Successful Trade Show Exhibit

Given the importance of providing education at the trade show exhibit, a smart exhibitor will revisit their booth design to make sure it facilitates education. This may mean, for one thing, renting a bigger booth space that allows free movement throughout the booth, kiosks equipped with tablets or touchscreen PCs to encourage interaction, and enough room to provide seating for attendees who sign up for presentations throughout the day.

To attract attendees, even the text and graphics used on back walls, towers, banners, and advertising should emphasize the brand, the product, and the benefit. Visitors, especially physicians on tight schedules, come to shows to find specific solutions for conditions they treat in their practices or are studying in their research efforts. To-the-point messages, delivered in a way that is visually and verbally compelling, hit home with medical professionals.

The knowledge and enthusiasm of booth staffers is especially important at healthcare shows. Many attendees also meet with drug and equipment reps throughout the year, who come laden with lunches, samples, and giveaways in addition to knowledge; on-site personnel must offer an experience that makes traveling to the event worth it.

When planning a trade show exhibit, paying attention to industry dynamics and trends pays off.

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